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Our simple and convenient services on the Internet

  • A detailed financial overview of your company is available anytime
  • Managing your financial issues online is cheaper than when you visit the bank
  • You can authorise your employees to perform transactions and set transaction limits

What can you do from our banking web site?

  • Learn balances of bank and payment card accounts
  • See the funds turnover and account balances of all the companies within the group
  • View the history of transactions performed from the banking web site over the last three months
  • View, print out and download account statements in LITAS-ESIS text format, ISO20022 XML or Excel format
  • Export files of local, international or debit payment orders (in LITAS-ESIS text format structure) to the banking web site
  • Transfer money to accounts with banks registered in Lithuania (make a local money transfer)
  • Transfer money to accounts opened abroad (make an international money transfer)
  • Buy and/or sell currency
  • Pay for public utilities (for instance, supply and consumption of electricity, gas, water and heat)
  • Pay for telecommunications, insurance and other services
  • Check and pay e-bills received from vendors or service providers and choose to pay them automatically
  • Sign a periodic payment agreement
  • File a direct debit payment order
  • Transfer funds from the loan account
  • Transfer wages to the payment card accounts of the company’s employees
  • Pay for products or services at online stores
  • Sign and terminate a deposit agreement
  • If you have signed a securities account management agreement, invest online in:
    • Shares of Lithuanian and foreign (in more than 40 countries) companies
    • Exchange-traded funds linked to the index of commodities or other financial vehicles in the selected country, region or sector
    • Traditional investment funds traded by the SEB Bank or third parties
    • SEB bonds
    • SEB structural investment vehicles
    • Savings bonds of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania
  • Get latest updates on your investments, markets, etc.

You can file an application asking to:

  • sign a service plan agreement
  • pay out a factoring prepayment
  • issue a guarantee or change the terms of an existing guarantee
  • open a letter of credit or change its terms
  • pay out funds in cash
  • adjust the details of an international payment order
  • cancel a payment order
  • pay against direct debit orders
  • Connect to the online tax return system of STI
  • Connect to the online service system of the Centre of Registers
  • Connect to the online service system of PZU Lietuva draudimas
  • Connect to the online service system of the Information Society Development Committee under the Ministry of Transport and Communications
  • Connect to the online service system of the Vilnius City Municipality Administration
  • Obtain income and/or property return statements

To send us a message from the internet bank, select menu item “Messages” —> “New Message”. Upon receiving your message, in line with the requirements defined for the respective service, we can:

  • Accept your request to cancel or adjust your local or international transfer order
  • Accept your request to prepare a copy of money transfer, SWIFT, certificate or statement
  • Accept your request to add or remove a company feature for your employees
  • Change the limit on cash withdrawals from ATMs
  • Renew a company card or mark that the card should not be renewed automatically
  • Accept your request to terminate a card agreement

When you log in to the banking web site, you confirm your identity, therefore we can provide you with detailed information about your payment cards, bank accounts and other services you are using.

Please note that once you have sent us a message from the banking web site, we will provide you with information and services having regard to the rights defined for you as a user in the Agreement on Electronic Services signed with the company you represent.

Opening hours of the web banking and social networks division:

Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 to 20:00

If you are authorised to change the terms of this agreement, by logging in to our banking web site you can:

  • Allow or prohibit other individuals, for instance, selected staff members, to manage the corporate accounts (you can authorise only users of SEB’s banking web site with an digipass to manage your accounts online)
  • Allow or prohibit persons specified in your agreement to perform specific transactions, file applications and conclude agreements from the list provided on the site
  • Set the transaction, daily and monthly limits by specifying the largest amount which can be transferred on the banking web site within a certain period.

If you sign an Agreement on Electronic Services at a bank unit and order the automatic account updating service, the banking web site will always display all of your accounts – both previously opened and new bank and payment card accounts.

How to change the terms of the agreement? (in Lithuanian)

You can increase or reduce transaction limits and adjust the terms for transferring funds and the amount of rights expressed in percentage, but not on better terms than stated in your agreement for automatically updated accounts

If several users are authorised to change the terms of your company’s agreement, other users will see the changes made by the first user after selecting menu item “Agreements and Applications” —> “List of Applications” and can confirm or cancel them

  • Use the direct debit service (forward customers’ direct debit consents and direct debit orders to the bank and download direct debit transaction reports)
  • Download reports on fees and charges collected at the bank
  • Download a report on the actions of corporate staff on the banking web site

This is a sample list of services provided on the banking web site which informs you about the available services. However, it cannot be treated as the bank’s obligation to make all of the listed services available to you.

Prices and conditions

To sign the agreement of Internet Bank for Business, please register for a video meeting or visit your nearest SEB branch.

You will find all contracts, rules and terms for electronic services here.

SEB Internet Bank for Business User Manual

SEB's banking web site is accessible free of charge.


Issuing a digipass EUR 15.00

Issuing a digipass for private individuals of retirement age 
determined by the Law on State Social Security Pensions

EUR 8.40
Replacing a digipass  EUR 8.40
Amendment to the Internet Bank agreement made by a bank employee* * Applied if at the bank's sub-branch, during a video advice or in any other manner the bank employee makes amendments to the Internet Bank agreement, which amendments can be made by the company’s administrator on the Internet Bank. Other amendments are free of charge. EUR 10


Services If the order is given at the Bank If the order is given via the Internet
Conclusion of standing order agreement EUR 31 free of charge
Money transfer under a standing order agreement Fee which would be applied to the customer for the same type of payment order provided via the Internet is charged Fee which would be applied to the customer for the same type of payment order provided via the Internet is charged

1 Charges are not applied if money are transferred between customer’s own accounts for purchase of saving and investment instruments. Charges also are not applied if funds are transferred to SEB Bank account with purpose to cover customer’s liabilities to SEB Bank.

Intra-bank payments in all currencies At the Bank via the Internet via mobile application
Payment between customer own accounts within SEB Bank EUR 5.001 free of charge  free of charge
Payment to other customer’s account within SEB Bank EUR 5.002 EUR 0.29 EUR 0.29

1 Charges are not applied if money are transferred from savings deposit account or for purchase of saving and investment instruments.

2Charges are not applied if money are transferred from customer’s, who is younger than 14 years, account to his (her) parent’s or custodian’s account within SEB Bank.
If the payer's and the payee's accounts are with SEB Bank, money transfer is executed on the same banking day.

Bill and tax payments at the Bank via the Internet
Money transfer according to bill or tax payment - EUR 0.29

This money transfer includes:

  • all transfers in foreign currency (other than in euro) to other Lithuanian-registered banks or other countries
  • transfers in euro to banks registered in other countries, with the exception of the European Union, the European Economic Area countries, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino and Andorra
  • money transfers in all currencies if the payee's or payer's account number is not in the IBAN format

The complete list of payment currencies in which cross-border transfers are carried out

Standard cross-border payment at the Bank via the Internet
OUR1 EUR 34 and other banks charges EUR 24 and other banks charges
SHA2 EUR 23 EUR 13

A standard cross-border payment order is executed after 2 banking days, if the payment order is submitted by 10:00 p.m. on a banking day.

If the payment order is submitted after above mentioned time or on non-banking day, funds transfer will be executed one banking day later.

Urgent cross-border payment at the Bank
OUR1 EUR 50 and other banks charges EUR 40 and other banks charges
SHA2 EUR 36 EUR 26

An urgent cross-border payment is executed next banking day, if the payment order is submitted by 3:00 p.m. on a banking day. If the payment order is submitted after above mentioned time or on non-banking day, funds transfer will be executed one banking day later.

In case of CNY, INR, QAR, SAR currencies, no urgent cross-border payments may be executed

Express cross-border payment at the Bank via the Internet
OUR1 EUR 90 and other banks charges EUR 80 and other banks charges
SHA2 EUR 65 EUR 55
An express cross-border payment is executed on the same banking day, if payment order submitted in
  • EUR, USD, CAD, GBP by 4.30 p.m.
  • BGN, BYN, CZK, HRK, KZT, MXN, RON, RSD, RUB, UAH by 10:00 a.m.
  • DKK, HUF, PLN by 1:00 p.m.
  • CHF, NOK, SEK by 3:00 p.m.

If the payment order is submitted after above mentioned time or on non-banking day, funds transfer will be executed one banking day later.

In case of AUD, CNY, HKD, ILS, INR, JPY, NZD, QAR, SAR, SGD, TRY, ZAR currencies, no express cross-border payments may be executed.

1 OUR – a payer pays SEB Bank and other bank commission fees. Other bank commission fees are debited from the payer's account.
2 SHA – a payer pays SEB Bank commission fees, the payee pays other bank commission fees, except where a fee cannot be debited from the payee's account in accordance with the rules set by the other bank.

Member states are the countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area.
Only shared charges (SHA) are allowed if payee‘s bank is registered in the European Union  or the European Economic Area country, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino, Andorra. Cross-border payment to the countries listed above are not executed if the bank fees are paid only by the payer (OUR).

Foreign currency is a currency other than the euro.

User rights


Importing and exporting files


Payment cards


Daily services








Saving and investment



Do not e-mail confidential information (login passwords of the online banking site and similar data). If you have any doubts about the reliability of an electronic service or the computer, terminate the session and inform the bank immediately.


Software and browser requirements

Our internet bank supports the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Edge

To ensure full functionality, better experience and security, we recommend you always use the latest version of your software. Please update your browser and operating system version as soon as the update is released. The same conditions apply for using our webpage and mobile application.

1. Create passwords that are hard to guess. These can be combinations of figures, special characters and letters. Don’t use names of your family and friends or their birth dates.

2. Memorise your passwords without writing them down or telling anyone and change them regularly.

3. Enter your passwords only when you are sure than no one is watching you.

4. Store your passwords and their formation devices and tools (password generators, cards) in places that are inaccessible to others: not in your wallet, handbag or next to your computer.

5. Don’t disclose your passwords over the phone, on social networks, by post or e-mail. Lately, there has been an increasing number of cases when frauds have tried to sniff out people’s passwords over the phone disguised as representatives from the bank, the police, the Financial Crime Investigation Service, the Special Investigation Service, the State Social Insurance Board or other public authorities or as employers offering an attractive job. Don’t give in to psychological pressure: don’t disclose confidential information over the phone because no one has the right to demand that you do so. Please report all such attempts to the bank and the police.

6. Never enter your passwords if you are asked to enter more than one password from your password card at a time when you log in to the online banking site or transfer money online. If this occurs, it means the computer you are using is infected as frauds are attempting to obtain the entered passwords through malware. In such a case always immediately:

  • Terminate your session on the online banking site
  • Inform the bank by calling our 24/7 line +370 5 268 2800 and ask to block access to the banking web site

We recommend using the safest personal identification tools: online and mobile electronic signature.

1. Don’t disclose details of your passport, personal identity card or driver’s licence to others unless they have indicated explicit legal grounds to collect such data.

2. Don’t give the passwords used to log in to the online banking site over the phone and don’t send them by post or e-mail. The bank never asks to provide such information in these ways.

1. Be careful when you open e-mails, browse the web or copy information.

2. Take special care when you check messages from unknown persons in your e-mail and social network accounts that contain hyperlinks. Never click on suspicious hyperlinks.

3. Don’t visit suspicious websites. Malware (viruses) is usually spread by e-mail and via insecure websites.

4. Don’t use electronic services in public places if you feel being watched or the computer seems suspicious.

5. Once you have visited the online banking site in a public place, change your password.

6. Don’t use electronic services by logging in from computers of people you don’t know.

7. Before you buy something from unknown online stores, make enquiries on whether they are reliable.

8. Set a low limit for transactions performed on the online banking site and increase it only when absolutely necessary.

9. Finish your session on the online banking site by clicking on “Finish session”.

10. Seek advice on our electronic services only from the staff of the SEB Bank.

1. Install a reliable legal anti-virus application, update the software regularly and use latest-version browsers.

2. The security bugs often found in the operating systems and other software enable unauthorised access to computers and connecting to the systems by frauds. Hackers make use of these bugs, so to ensure security of their software manufacturers upgrade it and remove those bugs regularly. So take care that your operating system and other software is updated in time. Don’t use software for which no more updates exist such as Internet Explorer 6.

3. Once you have detected a virus or an offer to install a suspicious application, terminate your session immediately and contact IT professionals.

4. Seek and use advice from IT security professionals.

5. If after entering the identification code and passwords in the registration window of the online banking site you fail to log in, a message about technical problems is displayed or you see the unfinished action icon in the shape of a rotating ring for a long time, your computer is likely to be infected with a virus. Report this to the bank immediately by calling our 24/7 line +370 5 268 2800.

Online and mobile e-signature

An online and mobile e-signature is an electronic equivalent of a personal identification document (for instance, a passport) and a regular signature created using the tools of the secure e-signature which is intended to identify a person and to authenticate the information signed.

These tools play the role of a password card and of a digipass – you can use them to safely, promptly and conveniently:

  • connect to our banking web site
  • confirm payment transactions and documents filed to the bank

The e-signature is also used for identification in the online systems of other companies that provide financial services, telecommunications companies and public authorities (Sodra, Centre of Registers, State Tax Inspectorate, etc.).