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About SEB

Customer complaints handling

AB SEB bankas, UAB “SEB investicijų valdymas”, UAB “SEB gyvybės draudimas” and other SEB bankas Group companies (registered and operating in the Republic of Lithuania) seek to provide top-quality customer service and ensure customer satisfaction. To provide your feed-back about our service quality or in case you have any query or are looking for a solution, we kindly advise contacting us first of all by phone or in any other way convenient for you.  Information on our service points is available at Customer service points.

If you think that your rights related to the services provided by the SEB Group companies or your agreements concluded with them have been violated, and the situation has not been remedied after turning to our bank in the above-indicated ways, you have a possibility to inform the Claims Investigation Unit of SEB Bank about this by filing a written complaint (complaint form) in the following ways:

N.B. If preparation of a response to your complaint necessarily requires providing confidential information or information that constitutes the bank's secret, and if at the time of your first contact your identity was not established, we may ask to confirm your identity (send a message via the Internet Bank by selecting “Complaint” in the message section or provide your passport or personal ID card at any SEB Bank unit convenient for you).

When filing a complaint, you are required to indicate the following:

  • name and surname / company name
  • date of birth or personal ID number / company code
  • residential address / e-mail / contact telephone number
  • complaint filing date
  • reasons for the complaint, i.e. which of your rights, agreements have been violated
  • your requirements 
  • the way in which you would like to receive our response.

When filing a complaint, please enclose documents that substantiate your claim and your requirements.  

If a customer turns for advice or with a query, SEB Bank employees try to respond as soon as possible.  To provide an answer in complicated cases may take time, however, no more than 30 days. Replies to customer complaints are normally provided within 14 days. In some cases, where more time is required for providing information or for the consideration of a complaint, we inform the customer individually.

We are always aiming for an amicable and just solution.  In case you disagree with our answer and have additional important information, which was not provided / taken into account during your previous contact, please turn to us once again, at the same time providing all the additional information.

Also, please note that according to legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, the Bank of Lithuania has been assigned the competence of settling disputes between consumers and financial market participants arising in connection with the provision of financial services. Therefore, having received a response from the SEB Group company that does not satisfy you, you have the right to turn, within a one-year period, to the Bank of Lithuania (Žirmūnų g. 151, Vilnius, http://www.lb.lt/gincu_nagrinejimas), in writing or electronically, regarding an out-of-court settlement of the dispute. Furthermore, in all cases you may, pursuant to the procedure established by legal acts, defend your violated rights before the court.

More information

AB SEB bankas General Service Rules

Rules for the settlement of disputes related to UAB “SEB gyvybės draudimas” and for providing responses to applicants (PDF, 40 KB, in Lithuanian)


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Attention! Your web browser does not correspond to the requirements needed to visit SEB website. Please change web browser or device that you use for browsing the site.