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About SEB

Education and financial literacy

We do our best to increase knowledge in the area of finance, national economy and personal financial management. SEB Bank experts are continuously engaged in educational activities, provide valuable advice in various forms to strengthen people’s skills in managing their finances.

Lithuanian Macroeconomic Outlook

SEB Bank analysts dealing with macro economy, finance and capital market issues analyse and continuously make available to the public the information on the country’s latest economic trends. Our analysists produce SEB quarterly publication Lithuanian Macroeconomic Outlook and present it to the clients and media representatives. Also, we offer workshops for communities in various regions in Lithuania, sharing our experience and knowledge in business development.  SEB Bank specialists give lectures and make presentations at local universities and colleges. We are focussing on the analysis of economic and financial processes in Lithuania and in other countries, thus making our customers aware of the results of surveys carried out, offering them free-of-charge analytical publications, outlooks, etc.

Association Investors‘ Forum

SEB Bank is a member of association Investors’ Forum that includes the major and the most active investors in the Lithuanian economy. The association’s mission is to improve the business environment and investment climate in Lithuania in cooperation with public institutions and business community. Established in June 1999, today association Investors’ Forum has brought together 60 members.

Login Festival

SEB Bank is the general partner of technology and innovations festival Login. Every year the festival, which is organised for thirteen years already, has more than 6 thousand participants, more than 100 lecturers from Lithuania and from foreign countries. Cooperation is based on a shared ambition – a strong desire to spread innovation, promote entrepreneurship and seek creative technological solutions for daily business processes.

Junior Achievement Lithuania

SEB Bank is a permanent contributor to the fostering of the young generation’s entrepreneurship and is patron of Junior Achievement Lithuania (JA Lithuania), a non-governmental organisation, which implements economic and entrepreneurship education programmes for young people. Initiative JA Lithuania exists more than two decades. It is aimed at providing Lithuanian schoolchildren with theoretical and practical knowledge in economics and financial literacy, develop their entrepreneurial attitudes, stimulate creative out-of-the-box and innovative thinking.  Every year, JA Lithuania programmes reach about 20,000 schoolchildren from more than 350 schools, and their education process is supported by more than 300 teachers. Schoolchildren gain practical experience at educational companies that are created every year. Also, the education process for young people involves business leaders with their advice, mentorship and possibilities for practice.



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