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About SEB


SEB Bank has a strong belief that entrepreneurial minds and innovative companies are key in creating a better world. We are here to enable them to achieve their aspirations and succeed through good times and bad. Therefore, we take the initiative and show leadership in supporting the development of entrepreneurship with particular emphasis on building competence and innovativeness of starting entrepreneurs.

Innovations Centre
SEB Bank’s Innovations Centre is a cooperation and innovations creation space for financial and various other innovative technology enthusiasts, start-ups as well as small and medium enterprises aiming at fast growth. The Centre offers space to work, arrange meetings and events. SEB Bank’s Innovations Centre functions as a business incubator for early start-ups that need practical and technological advice in refining their ideas. It steps up cooperation between already operating enterprises and starting entrepreneurs.

SEB Growth Programme
In 2018, SEB Bank in cooperation with international consulting company Civitta started the implementation of a unique business growth programme for managers and representatives of small and medium enterprises. The enterprises admitted to take part in the programme are offered experienced mentors’ advice and tasks with the aim to rapidly boost the scope of their activities within a comparatively short period of time. The programme participants are encouraged to try various development methods, improve their business model, search for new markets, clients, innovate, so that they could grow their business not in the measure of percentage, but in times. The programme also includes free-of-charge open events, where participants are provided with knowledge directly applicable in business. Both Lithuanian and internationally recognised foreign experts share their experience with the programme participants. In 2018, SEB Bank’s investment in the programme was EUR 50 thousand, and in 2019 EUR 60 thousand were allocated.

E-Academy is SEB Bank’s entrepreneurship promotion project meant for those who are creating business as well as for those who are yet dreaming of creating their own business. The initiative helps the starting entrepreneurs to get what they often lack the most – knowledge and valuable advice. The E-Academy project consists of two parts: an informational website portal and free-of-charge events arranged with a view to mobilise a community of entrepreneurial people. The events are also broadcast live. E-Academy portal visitors are encouraged to fully consider their business, starting from the idea, client and business model, its financing, product or service design up to sales and business growth. The portal provides not only business creation related information (videos, articles), but also expert advice from a wide range of areas (investment marketing, finance, catering, etc.), shares valuable experience that is useful in starting one’s own business.  As part of the implementation of its E-Academy programme, SEB Bank also organises public events for entrepreneurship promotion, where experts share their experience with the participants, who are also offered possibilities to make useful acquaintances and establish contacts.


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