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IT: Digital Processing


Supporting end-to-end business processes and enabling collaborative and automated execution.

Our ambition is to achieve digitalised, automated and transparent end-to-end business process execution through case management, workflow management and close collaboration with the Robotics team. Our work includes crafting solutions that enable storing, tracing and acting on information and documents, delegating tasks to employees and applications and automating predefined rule-based processes through robotics.


Job opportunities

Qualities we value

  • Passion for process management

  • Motivation
    to improve

  • Out-of-the-box mentality

  • Proactive



  • Global Agreement System

    Ability to keep track of a vast amount of documents in an efficient manner is among the top priorities of SEB. Implementation of the Global Agreement System allows managing customer agreements through an immense platform of information. All of this information feeds through the different systems used by different departments, significantly reducing potential operational risks.

  • Prince Extended

    We have launched the Prince Extended project to enable a smooth customer onboarding process. The main objectives of the project include the creation of a digital new customer-acquisition process along with sophisticated and user-friendly Know Your Customer routines and more efficient ways to process customer data. The new platform is one of our automation solutions that is designed to be used for a wide range of SEB customers.

  • Platform team

    All of our applications, used for document and case management and process automation, are hosted on the IBM platform. A dedicated Platform Team maintains and monitors it, ensuring up-to-date infrastructure and product versions. Having a dedicated team allows us to effectively maintain the whole digital processing infrastructure, building the foundation for all systems, applications and programmes of the Processing area.

  • SEB Case

    The SEB Case management system is crucial in providing uniform banking services to SEB customers. The system is built for handling around 500 different case types, ranging from account opening to extending customer loan maturity and more. Different teams can use separate functionalities depending on their needs, while a part of the tasks is being automated and carried out by robots.


Technologies we use

  • Jenkins, IBM Business Process Manager, JavaScript, DojoToolkit, HTML, Java, CSS, IBMWebSphere, Gradle, Eclipse, Git.


Team Manager
I lead a team of 19 people. With this type of responsibilities you constantly tackle numerous challenges, but with each problem solved you feel stronger, more confident and motivated. There's no typical career path in SEB Global Services, and that’s the charm of it. There are many ways in which you can grow – choosing a path is up to you. All the doors are open, you just need the courage to step through them.
Team Manager

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