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Our services are structured around the following asset classes: foreign exchange, fixed income, equities and commodities. Our philosophy is to work closely with our clients to help define objectives, identify opportunities across the capital markets landscape and determine appropriate strategies. Our extensive market resources are backed up by our electronic trading platforms that provide rapid execution and reliable reconciliation.

Foreign Exchange (FX), Commodities and Global Financial Solutions

We offer tailor-made solutions enabling companies to mitigate or eliminate the risk of incurring losses as a result of any exchange rate changes, to stabilize cash flows, and to plan income and expenditure in the longer term. We provide 24 hour electronic direct market access with the highest speed of execution and connectivity through our Trading Station platform, which is continuously updated with real-time information on exchange rates, interest-rate levels, market information and research. Alongside entering FX spot, swap, forward and OTC option agreements, we also advise our clients on handling commodity exposures from both hedging and investing perspectives as well as consult and assist our clients in identifying, measuring and managing global financial market risks and returns, working with cash flow, interest rate and long term foreign-exchange hedging.

FX Trading and Money Market

Our dedicated professionals deal with financial institutions and brokers providing a varied range of financial products. A tailor-made approach and international transaction experience, including especially good understanding of emerging markets specificities, help ensure that clients receive superior service whether it would be a spot, forward, swap, deposit or loan transaction.

Fixed Income

Our skilled specialists have in-depth knowledge of the fixed income market that range from financial instrument knowledge to insights into macroeconomic factors determining interest rate levels. We consult companies willing to diversify funding and lead them into Baltic and Nordic capital markets. We provide liquidity and opportunity of good returns for investors that include pension funds, asset managers, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds and major companies investing into interest-bearing securities. Debt securities issued by Baltic sovereigns and corporates as well as structured bonds issued by SEB Bank can all be traded via the online securities trading platform, while other Eurobonds continue to be traded via phone.


Our clients are offered advice and the possibility to invest into listed stocks, ETFs, Depository receipts and subscription rights in more than 40 regulated markets across the world. In addition, the online trading platform allows our clients to trade securities in a convenient and time saving manner.


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