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Cash payout

Cash payout

It is always worth having a little cash

  • There are three ways to withdraw cash
  • Cash withdrawals are available round the clock at most ATMs and during business hours at stores that pay out cash

Cash withdrawals are available to SEB customers on equal terms at SEB bank  and other Lithuanian and foreign bank ATMs.

You can use drive-in ATMs without stepping out of your car. All you need to do is drive up to the ATM and open your car window to withdraw cash, view your card account balance or make other operations.

Good to know

  • Banks try to ensure maximum security for your assets, so they limit your time to withdraw cash or to take back your card. You normally have to manage this in 20-30 seconds after completing the operation. If you fail to take the card or cash within this interval, the card or cash will be retracted by the ATM.
  • If an ATM does not return your card or dispense cash, you need to contact the bank which has issued the card immediately.

Choose an ATM

Senukai, Iki, Maxima, Express Market, Šilas, Solo, Vynoteka, Gulbelė and other stores which state they have a cash withdrawal option provide the opportunity to pay for purchases with your card and withdraw cash for free from your account at checkout. All you have to do is inform a checkout assistant about it before you pay for your purchases and tell them the cash amount you want to withdraw.

  Good to know

  • The payable amount for purchases must be at least EUR 5.
  • You can withdraw between EUR 5 and EUR 100.

From 2 December 2019, all units of AB SEB bankas will provide comprehensive financial advice to its customers and they will be offered to perform cash transactions independently at the self-service zones of any unit.

You can withdraw cash from your account by visiting SEB bank unit. At the bank you need to present your ID and an authorisation, if the money is to be withdrawn from another person’s account.

  Good to know

  • You can withdraw money in euros or in the foreign currency of your choice, if included in the list on the currency rate table of the bank unit. 

    To perform cash transactions visit the specified SEB bank units.

  • The minimum cash withdrawal amount is EUR 2,000.
  • To withdraw more than EUR 15,000 or its equivalent in any foreign currency from your account, you need to inform the bank unit in advance by a written request.
  • To withdraw cash in a different foreign currency (other than USD), you need to inform the bank unit by a written request within at least 2 business days in advance.
  • Starting from 1 September 2014, cash transactions in JPY, AUD, CAD and CZK will not be executed by SEB.

The manager of the bank unit you have applied to will decide the time interval for paying out money to you.


Choose a SEB bank unit

AB SEB bankas’ customers may withdraw cash from their accounts  from more than 2,000 Perlas lottery terminals of company UAB “Perlo paslaugos“. The list of the Perlas lottery terminals is available on www.perlopaslaugos.lt.

  Good to know

  • You may withdraw from EUR 5 to EUR 500 from the Perlas lottery terminals per transaction.
  • If you need more than EUR 500, you may perform the transaction several times, however you will have no opportunity to withdraw the amount exceeding the approved maximum daily limit or the transaction limit from ATMs per card.
  • At the Perlas lottery terminals you may check your account balance free of charge.

Cash withdrawal fees


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