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Private banking

Private Banking Department offers full range of financial services which covers all activities related to Your financial needs – from everyday banking services to preparation of personal financial strategy. We are focusing on Your wealth and investments structure, personal financial decisions, direct and trusted partnership.

For you and your family members

    Personal team

    Our specialists working for you are prepared to provide top quality services and support to you and to your family members.


    Recommendations of the professional international teams of the investment managers of the SEB Group on the investment portfolio management issues.

  • Specialised assistance

    Advisory services on tax, insurance, pension planning issues with the specialised assistance.

    Individual financial management strategy 

    An update of your individual financial management strategy on a regular basis.

  • Flexible lending

    Tailored lending solutions necessary for implementation of your financial goals.

  • International
    Private Banking of SEB

    A possibility to use services and solutions of the international private banking units of the SEB Group.

  • Banking transactions by phone

    A possibility to use different private banking services by phone.

  • Confidentiality

    Private and confidential solutions of all financial problems.

  • Various events

    Various events and market outlooks held on a regular basis for you and your children.


Financial asset management

If you are willing to implement your investment goals, it is extremely important to create the finance management strategy acceptable to you. When preparing this strategy, we take into consideration your lifestyle, assets, income, expenses and future plans.

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  • Portfolio formation:

    • Identification of your current assets structure
    • Analysis of your financial goals
    • Approval of risks acceptable to you
  • Investment management:

    • Market analysis
    • Investment advisory
    • Investment portfolio management in Luxembourg
  • Information delivery:

    • Weekly market reviews
    • Comments on a long-term strategy
    • Asset management reports

Investment decisions

In the process of the investment portfolio formation, your personal investment strategy is selected after assessment of your future plans, goals, investment experience and tolerable risk level.

Advice on investment portfolio management

Advice on investment portfolio management means the development of the individual financial management strategy, related recommendations on its implementation and the transaction-related assistance. The above services are useful, if you have investment experience and are willing to independently analyse recommendations of the investment strategist of the Private Banking Department.

The main phases of the individual investment strategy

  • Portfolio formation:

    • Asset class allocation
    • Investment selection process
    • Portfolio modelling and improvement
  • Verification of:

    • Selected risk
    • Needs and compliance with limitations
  • Portfolio management:

    • Portfolio adjustment based on the market situation
    • Investment monitoring
  • Customer reporting:

    • Periodic reporting
    • Consultations based on the needs
Discretionary portfolio management

Discretionary portfolio management means the administration of your financial assets and management in accordance with the approved individual strategy, that is pre-agreed with you. The above services are offered to such customers, who entitle financial experts to manage their investments. Based on your goals and tolerable risk, the most appropriate strategy will be selected.

  • Development of the individual financial management strategy

  • Investment management

  • Information delivery


Lending solutions

The Private Banking Department offers individual financing solutions, uses flexible financing schemes based on your needs and enabling to implement your financial goals.

Credit cards

All credit cards

  • MasterCard World Elite

    MasterCard World Elite

    The MasterCard World Elite credit card has become a worldwide symbol of quality and privileges, as it provides personalised services and special advantages.

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  • Visa Platinum

    Visa Platinum

    Visa Platinum is a prestige credit card recognised globally which enables you to enjoy special attention and benefit from exclusive offers and privileges.

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  • Visa Gold

    Visa Gold

    Visa Gold is a prestige credit card which makes your life and travel more comfortable and gives access to privileges available to cardholders all over the world.

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Credit limit
It is an exceptional service offered only to customers of the Private Banking Department. The credit is granted for a 5-year period and secured by a pledge of real estate. The customer may repay the utilised credit limit at his/her discretion within its validity period, and the repaid portion may be used again.
Repo transactions
It is an exceptional service offered only to customers of the Private Banking Department. It means money lending in the exchange for securities. The customer lending money to the bank pledges bonds held by him/her and on maturity of the repo, the bank repurchases the bonds from the customer and repays funds plus accrued interest. The main advantage of the repo – higher interest rates, as compared to the term deposit rates.

Mortgage loan | Credit secured by pledge

Leasing | Consumer credit


Daily banking services

The below private banking services are offered to you and your family members only by the Private Banking Department:

  • acceptance of applications by phone
  • bank account and other confidential asset features
  • service privacy and confidentiality 
  • invitations to events held on a regular basis
  • meetings with a private banker at the customer’s premises

International team of SEB

Teams working in Stockholm, Luxembourg, London, Frankfurt and Helsinki cooperate with the specialists of the Private Banking Department of AB SEB bankas on a continuous basis. Thus, we always offer our customers such solutions, which meet world class service standards. In cooperation with the International Private Banking Unit of SEB in Luxembourg, we offer the below services:

  • multi-currency account
  • internet banking
  • investment management
  • wealth structuring
  • finaning & mortgages
  • everyday banking
  • family office

For more information please see sebgroup.lu


Access to the information posted in the "Review and Comments" section is restricted to customers of SEB’s Private Banking Department. If you want to log in to the system, contact your private banker to get a user name and password.

This page provides promotional information about the investment services available from SEB Bank. It cannot be construed as a recommendation, order or invitation to buy or sell specific financial instruments and may not constitute any basis or part of any subsequent transaction. Although the content is based on sources deemed to be reliable, SEB Bank cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or losses which may be incurred relying on such information.

Where this document contains reference to an investment research, it is recommended to read the whole report or the information provided on www.seb.se/mb/disclaimers . Taxation-related information may change in the future and become no longer applicable in your particular case. Returns are exposed to risks, investments may rise or fall in value and the fact that the return is historically positive does not guarantee that it will remain such in the future. In certain cases, losses may exceed the sum of the original investment.

If you invest in financial instruments denominated in foreign currencies, changes in the exchange rate may affect the return on investment. You are responsible for the investment decisions you make, so before you make a decision, you should review detailed information, inter alia, prospectuses of funds and structural and other financial instruments as well as other information posted on www.seb.lt. For more information please contact SEB’s private banking staff.

Please note that the services described here are not intended for investors within the jurisdiction other than that of SEB bank units providing these services and investment opportunities, authorisation to invest and investing in locations of certain jurisdictions, including the United States of America, Canada, Japan and Australia, may be unlawful. SEB bank may not advise on investment issues, promote investments, solicit or offer investments where any such may be unlawful. If you live or read information on this website at a location within the jurisdiction other than the one of the SEB bank unit which provides this information, you are responsible for compliance with the laws and other legal acts which may be applicable to you. If you need more information, please contact your SEB bank account manager or any SEB bank unit.

Private Banking Department seeks to implement financial solutions which fulfill Your needs and goals. Your private banker and other specialists responsible for the relevant areas of personal finance management are ready to help you.


Aušra Survilienė
Head of Private Banking Department


Vilma Skietrienė
Service Manager


Justinas Gataveckas
Head of Investment Strategy
Private bankers

Donatas Mačinskas
Senior private banker

Inga Kalesinskienė
Senior private banker

Orinta Vedrickienė
Private banker

Mantas Vismantas
Private banker

Ąžuolas Kuklys
Private banker




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