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SEB interaction with the public through the media is an important part of customer relations, aiming at long-term and a trustworthy partnership. Our Communication Unit is the primary source of information.

If you need more detailed information or comment regarding banking and finance, our products or customer service, please contact our experts and spokespersons.

Ieva Kulvinskaitė

Ieva Kulvinskaitė

Head of Communication Unit

Ieva Dauguvietytė-Daskevičienė

Ieva Dauguvietytė-Daskevičienė

Press Officer

Agne Danaite

Agnė Danaitė

Communication and Marketing Project Manager (Corporate Banking)

leontina-zabarauskiene from SEB

Leontina Lesauskaitė

Communication Project Manager (Organizational Communication)

Tadas povilauskas from SEB

Tadas Povilauskas

Mārtiņš Panke

Mārtiņš Panke

Communication officer at SEB Global Services in Vilnius and Riga