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Sponsorship and investing in society


SEB is a long term sponsor for the future. Our sponsorships are about creating partnerships with people and organizations, together building a society we all want to be in. As a corporate citizen we engage for future generations.
Investing in society, we:

  • encourage entrepreneurship and innovation
  • support children and youth
  • promote sports and a healthy lifestyle as well as enriching communities through culture
  • educate society, promote financial literacy

We support projects that strengthen the SEB brand and improve the image of SEB in compliance with our ethical and cooperative values, and interests of our clients.

The sponsorship strategy of SEB excludes the provision of sponsorship to the following:

  • individuals
  • projects promoting social exclusion and discrimination in society
  • projects involving risk elements, e.g. mountain climbing or bungee-jumping
  • political or religious organizations

Reviewing applications of sponsorship projects

We accept requests to support projects by e-mail at Requests should be submitted along with a short project or initiative description. We assess each submitted project and respond within 10 working days.


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SEB Bank has a strong belief that entrepreneurial minds and innovative companies are key in creating a better world. We are here to enable them to achieve their aspirations and succeed through good times and bad. Therefore, we take the initiative and show leadership in supporting the development of entrepreneurship with particular emphasis on building competence and innovativeness of starting entrepreneurs.

Children and youth

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Children are our future. Therefore, it is highly important for us to create conditions enabling them to get prepared for a successful start of life on their own. SEB Bank supports various civil society organisations that help to address the country’s social problems.

Sports and culture

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Tennis arena SEB Arena

In its support for sports, SEB in Lithuania mainly focuses on tennis. In 2008, SEB in Lithuania participated in financing the construction of SEB Arena – the largest tennis arena in the Baltic countries. SEB has also participated in the expansion of Sereikiškių tennis court, SEB tennis court in Panevėžys and is closing the tennis court facility in Klaipėda.

Financial literacy

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We do our best to increase knowledge in the area of finance, national economy and personal financial management. SEB Bank experts are continuously engaged in educational activities, provide valuable advice in various forms to strengthen people’s skills in managing their finances.