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Leasing – a convenient way of
buying your car


8000 EUR

The minimum price of a car

Up to

7 years

Term of lease

Starting from


The first deposit

Reach your goal in just a few steps

  • Choose a car you would like to purchase
  • Apply for leasing and receive an answer about your financing opportunities
  • In the agreement you can choose the insurance for your car
  • Sign the agreement remotely
  • Make the first deposit
  • Register your car at the Register of road vehicles
  • SEB leasing transfers funds to the car seller

Feedback from our customers

"I received the car before the competing bank was able to make an offer. Speed is important today. Thank you!"

Comment from NPS survey

"I have taken both a housing loan and a car lease from SEB. SEB has made good offers without excessive question-and-answer round and time delay."

Comment from NPS survey

"Pleasant and fast service remotely (by phone and e-mail)."

Comment from NPS survey

We encourage you to choose an electric car


Apply Calculate the best deal for you


  • A special interest rate 1,45%+Euribor*
  • First deposit for operating and financial lease starting form 10%
  • Lower car maintenance costs
  • Your responsible choice for our planet

*A special interest rate for new and used battery powered electric vehicles

When choosing leasing in SEB you can be sure about lot of things

* A second-hand car cannot be older than 13 years at the end of the lease period

Lease financing is available both for new and used cars*
Reviewing your application within 1-2 business days
Apply and sign the agreement and other related documents remotely
Individual interest rate
Insurance without a worry from our trusted partners

You need to get CASCO (Casualty and Collision) insurance coverage for the car you are buying on lease from an insurance company acceptable to SEB Bank.

Please send your CASCO insurance policy to

Insurance and leasing payments could be in one invoice.

Leasing calculator

Car leasing example of calculating the annual percentage rate of charge

Say, you are getting a leasing on a car priced at EUR 30 000 and you pay the car seller a down payment of EUR 6 000 from your own funds, so the total amount of credit would be EUR 24 000, total amount payable by the consumer would be EUR 27 384,42. Total cost of the credit to the consumer (calculated by including leasing interest paid over the leasing maturity (EUR 3 024,42), the agreement fee (EUR 300), the minimum fee for main banking services (EUR 1 per month)) would be EUR 3 384,42 assuming that the leasing period is 5 years, currency - euros, the variable interest rate -4,772 proc., consisting of 2,29% margin + 3 month Euribor (3 month Euribor value on calculation day is 2,482 proc.). The annual percentage rate of charge would be 5,51 %, monthly instalment – EUR 450,41. The customer has also an obligation to insure a car at the insurance company acceptable to AB SEB bankas under the terms set in the leasing agreement (the insurance price is not included in the annual percentage rate of charge). In case of a negative Euribor it will be treated that Euribor is equal to zero.

Financing methods


You can buy the car once you have signed a lease (hire-purchase) agreement. Under this agreement payments can be made in two ways:


  • The payment may be broken down in equal portions and spread over the whole lease period.
  • Payment of the larger portion of the car's fixed price (residual value) may be postponed. This portion is paid with the last payment while over the whole period small regular payments plus interest calculated from the non-repaid price of the car are paid.
Main contractual terms and conditions Financial leasing Financial leasing when payment of residual value is postponed

Car price including VAT

EUR 30,000 EUR 30,000
Down payment (20%) EUR 6,000 EUR 6,000
Residual value of the car 0% 20%**
Annual interest 2.29% + 3-month EURIBOR 2.29 + 3-month EURIBOR*
Agreement preparation and administration fee EUR 300 EUR 300
Lease agreement period 5 years 5 years
Monthly instalment EUR 450.41 EUR 361.67**

*    The variable interest rate in example - 4,772%, consisting of 2,29% margin + 3-month Euribor (3-month Euribor value on calculation day is 2,482%)
**  The residual value is paid together with the last lease payment. Extending the lease agreement is also available.

This is an example only. SEB Bank does not assume the obligation to finance on these terms.


Leasing agreement administration and amendment fees Charge
Agreement fee

From 1 % of the asset value, but not less than EUR 200

Change of the debt roll-over agreement / leasing agreement term 1% of the outstanding asset value, but not less than EUR 200
Agreement amendment or payment schedule change at the customer’s initiative fee or resumption of an agreement EUR 100.00
Change of the leasing payments date EUR 30
Deferment of leasing instalments (except change of leasing term) Free of charge
Agreement termination and sale of assets fees in the event of termination or expiry of a finance lease or an operational lease agreement Charge
For early termination of agreement  EUR 100.00
Sale of property to a third party in Lithuania 1.5 %, but at least EUR 300.00
Sale of assets to a third party outside Lithuania or sale of assets in case of complete damage 1.5 % of residual value, but at least EUR 500.00
Certificate issue and other fees Charge
Drawing up of additional documents (sublease, lease, access and other consents, official letters, authorisations, document copies, statements of annual turnover,  etc.) or reissue of previously drawn up documents at customer’s request EUR 20.00
Mailing of VAT invoices EUR 3.00
Handling of administrative penalty documents as well as other documents received in customer’s name EUR 10 per each document received

Real estate tax

Compensated by the customer

For more information about leasing and related services, terms or rates please call +370 5 268 2800 or visit a SEB bank unit of your choice.

Basic requirements

For the buyer Car leasing is available to any national of Lithuania or any individual with a residence permit in Lithuania for the entire period of the lease agreement if:
  • he or she is at least 18 years of age
  • he or she receives regular income
  • his or her total amount of monthly payments to different credit institutions does not exceed 40% of monthly income (based on the Responsible Borrowing Regulations of the Bank of Lithuania)
For the car You can buy a M1* or N1** category (according to the valid EU classification) vehicle:
  • the highest permissible weight of the car must not exceed 3,500 kg
  • the car may have not more than 8 passenger seats and one driver seat
* The purchased vehicle may not be used to earn profit from rent, freight transport, carriage of passengers, driving instruction and similar activities.
** The purchased vehicle is intended to be used to earn profit from rent, freight transport, carriage of passengers, driving instruction and similar activities.
Car price, first deposit and term of lease
  • Minimum price of a car 8000 EUR
  • Term of lease 7 years
  • The first deposit from 10 %
How to use property You must take care that for the entire lease period the purchased car or other property is in good technical shape and of the same level of delivery (including all accessories) as it was on the date of signing the agreement and that its condition meets the natural depreciation requirements for property. 
What are not the effects of natural depreciation?
  • Damaged geometry of the body, broken, misshapen or otherwise mechanically or thermally damaged parts
  • Non-operational devices and mechanisms
  • Depression of the body, crack of the paint coating and a deep scratch (if the paint coating is damaged down to the undercoat)
  • Wear of the paint coating caused by inappropriate wash and/or cleaning
  • Defects caused by poor-quality repair
  • Fracture of the body glass
  • Abrasion of the body glass caused by inappropriate use and/or cleaning
  • Faults in the passenger compartment, e.g. seats are with burning marks or soiled, the plastic parts of the front dashboard or the inner trunk lid, the window opening handles are broken, etc.
Grace period If you are facing an emergency, you can file us a request to postpone payment o instalments without changing the final loan maturity date. During the grace period only interest is payable.
  • Divorce
  • Family loses breadwinner (spouse)
  • The borrower or his/her spouse becomes unemployed or loses at least one third of his/her income
  • The borrower is declared unable to work or partially able to work in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Law on Social Integration of Disabled Persons of the Republic of Lithuania
  • In the case of compulsory initial military service, the payment of the credit instalment shall be postponed for the entire period of service
Grace period – up to 3 months.

For more information about leasing and related services, terms or rates please call +370 5 268 2800.

Borrowing is always associated with the risk of being unable to fulfil your assumed obligations properly and in due time, so based on our long-term lending practices, we analyse the situation of every applicant with care and responsibly assess their capacity to repay the loan.

Before you decide to apply for a loan, consider the borrowing-related risks. Use the consumer loan calculator to calculate a loan installment that you could pay the bank every month without difficulty and read the list of documentation required to obtain a loan.

The bank has the right to refuse awarding you a loan after it has analysed the available information about you.

We recommend that before you sign any financial service agreement you read the service terms carefully and consult the staff of the bank if you need to.

Have a question about leasing or car purchase?

For more information about leasing and related services, terms or rates please call +370 5 268 2800 .