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Choose SEB II pillar funds that are among TOP3 funds according to earned returns in Lithuania.*

*Bank of Lithuania, 2019 01 01 - 2024 03 31.


Your personal pension page

  • A good overview of your pension assets
  • A calculator that helps to calculate the amount of your pension
  • Valuable advice on finding the best saving solution
  • The opportunity to make quick and convenient changes in your saving solutions

Pillar 2 pension

Possibility to accumulate additional funds for old age in pension funds where the investment strategy is in line with your age. Contributions are transferred automatically. They consist of two parts – the part calculated from your salary and the incentive contribution from the state budget. Once you reach retirement age, the funds accumulated are paid out in addition to the old-age pension paid by the State Social Insurance Fund Board (Sodra).

Pillar 3 pension

Additional, flexible accumulation with personal funds to make sure you get the pension you want. Consistent, long-term accumulation of funds is encouraged by the state through personal income tax relief that you can take advantage of. We have two third-pillar pension solutions that you can choose from. 

Why should you accumulate supplementary pension?

Increasing life expectancy means that the number of future pensioners is growing at a faster rate than the share of the tax-paying population. The ageing of the population directly affects the level of the state-paid pension (Pillar 1), which is projected to be only 30% of previous earnings by 2040.
If you want to maintain your normal quality of life in retirement, you should make efforts to ensure that you will receive 70-80% of your previous earnings. You can achieve this by accumulating in all three pillars.
Long-term investments help accumulate more, since not only the paid-in contributions are invested, but also the returns received for them. The sooner you start and the longer you accumulate, the more you will build up and the easier it will be to achieve the desired result.
The state encourages the accumulation of pensions. When accumulating in second-pillar funds, the contribution from the state budget is more than EUR 235 per year, and those accumulating in third-pillar funds can recover up to EUR 300 in personal income tax annually.