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SEB Pensija Plius 
third-pillar pension funds


Accumulation by age

Four pension funds with active and passive investment strategy tailored to participants according to their age group help to better maintain acceptable investment risk throughout the entire pension accumulation period.
For optimal return on investment, it is best to have a pension fund that invests in shares when you are younger, and then change it to a fund with more bonds and less shares as you approach retirement age so as to reduce short-term fluctuations in the value of your accumulated assets. You choose the fund yourself, and the fund's investments are managed by professional pension fund managers.

A pension account for independent saving and investing in the future
Lowest third-pillar pension fund management fees in Lithuania
Investments in accordance with high sustainable criteria and competitive return on investments
Service that is easy to manage in online banking

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Age: 18–49
SEB Pensija 18+

  • The saving period is longer than 5 years
  • A high risk fund with equities up to 100%
  • A fund manager actively monitors the fund and seeks the best opportunities in the market
  • Wider investment universe includes also local and alternative investments
  • The fund follows the SEB sustainability strategy
  • The goal is to outperform passively managed index funds with similar characteristics. Both short and medium term returns could deviate due to different investment strategies

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Age: 18–49
SEB Index. Climate Future

  • The saving period is longer than 5 years
  • A high risk fund with equities up to 100%
  • A fund manager does not manage market risks
  • Follows and replicates the performance of global listed equity markets
  • The fund follows a climate focused sustainability strategy
  • The goal is to follow the investment return of global financial markets with no possibility of outperformance

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Age: 50–57
SEB Pensija 50+

  • Actively managed
  • The aim is to increase the value of accumulated assets
  • Average risk of stock market fluctuations is acceptable
  • 40-60% of the fund's assets are invested in shares and the rest – in bonds

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Age: over 58
SEB Pensija 58+

  • Actively managed
  • The aim is for the accumulated funds to be less dependent on financial market fluctuations
  • Efforts are made to keep investment risk low
  • 80-100% of the fund's assets are invested in bonds or other low-risk asset classes

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Why should you accumulate supplementary pension?

Increasing life expectancy means that the number of future pensioners is growing at a faster rate than the share of the tax-paying population. The ageing of the population directly affects the level of the state-paid pension (Pillar 1), which is projected to be only 30% of previous earnings by 2040.
If you want to maintain your normal quality of life in retirement, you should make efforts to ensure that you will receive 70-80% of your previous earnings. You can achieve this by accumulating in all three pillars.
Long-term investments help accumulate more, since not only the paid-in contributions are invested, but also the returns received for them. The sooner you start and the longer you accumulate, the more you will build up and the easier it will be to achieve the desired result.
The state encourages the accumulation of pensions. When accumulating in second-pillar funds, the contribution from the state budget is more than EUR 235 per year, and those accumulating in third-pillar funds can recover up to EUR 300 in personal income tax annually.

A possibility to get a refund of up to EUR 300 per year

Pillar 3 pension benefits

You become entitled to a pension benefit once you are five years within the established age for old-age pension. You choose the method of disbursing the accumulated funds yourself.

  1. You can select either a lump-sum payment or periodic payments in the amount of your choice.

  2. Two years after the commencement of the agreement, you also have the option of withdrawing part of the funds without terminating the agreement, as long as you leave an accumulated amount of at least EUR 500.

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