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third-pillar pension fund

Accumulate funds for your future independently by transferring contributions in the amount and regularity of your choice to a third-pillar pension fund account

More than 15 years left before retirement age
Short-term financial market fluctuations are acceptable
It is understood that higher long-term stock market returns are associated with higher risk
Up to 100% of the fund's assets are invested in shares

Investment strategy

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This is a pension fund where the largest part of the assets is invested in company shares. As a result, the value of the assets may increase over time, but large short-term fund unit value fluctuations are also possible.

Key information document (LT)
Fund details and results
Information about sustainability (LT)

Management company UAB SEB Investicijų Valdymas

Fund costs

Asset management fee* 0.85%
Contribution fee none
Fund switching fee none
Termination fee**  none
Actual fund costs per year 0.2%
Depository fee ≤0.1%
*The annual fee is calculated from the average annual value of the funds in the pension account.
For example, if there was EUR 300 in the pension account and the asset management fee is 0.85%, then EUR 2.55 is deducted per year. Since the fee is calculated for each working day assuming that there are 253 working days per year, every day it is 1/253 of the annual fee, i.e. on average, approximately EUR 0.01 every working day.
**No additional contract fees apply, but personal income tax may be deducted from the amount paid out.

Actual expenses, such as securities transaction fees, currency conversion fees and audit costs, are covered from the pension assets. Over the course of the year, these expenses cannot exceed the specified percentage of the value of the assets managed by the pension fund.

Information on the fees applied by other investment management companies is available on this page of the Bank of Lithuania website.

A possibility to get a refund of up to EUR 300 per year

Pillar 3 pension benefits

You become entitled to a pension benefit once you are five years within the established age for old-age pension. You choose the method of disbursing the accumulated funds yourself.

  • You can select either a lump-sum payment or periodic payments in the amount of your choice.
  • Two years after the commencement of the agreement, you also have the option of withdrawing part of the funds without terminating the agreement, as long as you leave an accumulated amount of at least EUR 500.

You become entitled to a pension benefit once you are five years within the established age for old-age pension. You choose the method of disbursing the accumulated funds yourself.

Why choose SEB for pension accumulation?

Large selection of pension accumulation methods
The accumulated funds are invested by highly qualified investment specialists with many years of experience
Sustainable investment and competitive return on investment
Services that are easy to manage via online banking and valuable expert advice

Want advice on pension accumulation?

  • We will review your financial situation and goals, advise and recommend solutions

The third-pillar pension funds are managed by UAB SEB Investicijų Valdymas.

This information is of a promotional nature and may not be construed as a personal recommendation, instruction or invitation to accumulate funds in the pension funds mentioned here, and may not be the basis or part of any subsequent transaction. Although the content is based on sources that are considered reliable, SEB Bank, the Lithuanian branch of SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE and UAB SEB Investicijų Valdymas are not responsible for any inaccuracies or losses that may occur if investment decisions are made on the basis of this information.

The pension accumulation company does not guarantee the profitability of the pension funds. By accumulating funds in a third-pillar pension fund, you are assuming the risk of return on investment. Future results may differ from previous results. The value of an investment can go up or down. You may get back less than you have invested.
You are responsible for your investment decisions, so before taking them, you should read the detailed information as well as the investment strategy and rules of the selected pension fund, and, on your own or with the help of consultants, assess the risk that in the event of inflation, changes in exchange rates or market interest rates, or certain events beyond the control of SEB Investicijų Valdymas, the value of your investment may decrease.

Administration fees are charged for pension accumulation. Information on the fees applied by all pension accumulation companies is available on the Bank of Lithuania website.