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Mobile app

Download the SEB Lietuva app and enjoy all the necessary daily banking services right at your fingertips. The app is free of charge and available wherever and whenever you need it.

Features and possibilities for your daily finance management

  • Clear overview dashboard of account balances and payment history.
  • Receive and make transfers to your friends and family members in your phonebook by using only the recipient's phone number, as well as smart payment form, templates and money request functionality.
  • Make interactive savings goals and work towards reaching them with smart savings tools, such as the Digital coin jar and standing orders.
  • Venture into the world of investments easily with the help of Robo-Advisor. Follow the performance of your investments in the investment portfolio dashboard.
  • Manage your bank cards – activate new cards, change their settings and quickly block them, if necessary.
  • View your loans, including the next payment date and amount.
  • Interactive map for finding the nearest branches and ATMs.
  • Create a digital version of your card and make contactless payments with smart devices.

If you encounter a need that can’t be resolved in the mobile app, press on the three dots in the lower right corner of the screen and select internet bank. A new browser window will open, directing you to the login page of the internet bank. Connect to it by using the usual means for logging into the internet bank.

Not a SEB customer yet?

For many downloading the SEB Lietuva app is the fastest and most suitable way to become our customer, as it’s available 24/7, takes only about 15 minutes and enables using our services right away after onboarding.

Latest features

Become SEB customer via the app

Becoming our customer is now even more easy, as you no longer have to visit a branch.

Simply download the SEB Lietuva mobile app and complete the short 15 minute registration to gain a 3 month free trial for a plan SUMANU, which includes the necessary daily banking services – Debit Mastercard payment card, bank account, app payments and much more.

For mobile onboarded customers APP will serve also as an authentification tool for online payment confirmation.

Introducing a new way to invest – Robo-Advisor

Get personalized investment offer in the mobile app 24/7.

  • Fast set-up. From idea to investment recommendation only 15 minutes.
  • Invest with as little as 1 euro.
  • No professional financial knowledge is needed.

We remind you that investing involves risk. Management and administration fees are applicable. More at

Payments to a phone number

From now you may transfer money to a phone number of any SEB customer but also to the customers of other banks.

New saving options

New functions of the SEB mobile app – a Digital Coin Jar and a standing order. Now it is even easier to set savings targets and follow up the progress.

Investment review

New functions of the SEB mobile app – a Digital Coin Jar and a standing order. Now it is even easier to set savings targets and follow up the progress.

Digital wallets

Create a digital version of your SEB card in smart devices for quick, easy and secure payments. 

Authentication tools

Your funds in the mobile app are always secure and ready for transactions. Unique authorisation codes provided by various authentication tools and means, such as Smart-ID, code calculator, SEB app and biometrics ensure that unauthorised persons cannot access your account or confirm online payments.

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Technical requirements

  • Android 8.0 with Google Chrome mobile browser
  • iOS 12.0 with Google Chrome or Safari mobile browser

Starting to use the app

  • Download SEB Lietuva mobile app, which is available in the „App Store“ or „Google Play“ stores on your smartphone.
  • Connect using the data for accessing your internet bank
  • Choose a EUR denominated account, which will be used as a primary account in the app
  • Enter your mobile phone number, which will be linked to the selected account
  • Enter the confirmation code, which you will receive to the specified phone number
  • Create a PIN for the future use of the app