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Special offer package for newly established business

Start your business with SEB


How to become a customer of SEB Bank?

  1. Register your company and its name in the Centre of Registers (SERC) online*
  2. Book a meeting  at a bank sub-branch.
    If you are SEB’s private customer, you can open an account in the course of a remote meeting 
  3. Get ready for a meeting: bear the documents necessary for opening a bank account  
  4. Starting on August 1, 2022, legal entities shall provide the information on their beneficiaries to the Beneficiaries Subsystem JANGIS of the State Enterprise Centre of Registers.
    This obligation is being implemented due to the change in the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. 
    If the data is not provided, we will not be able to consider starting a business relationship with an organisation.

*if you are establishing a private limited company, you can open a savings account with SEB Bank on the website of the Centre of Registers using your mobile signature

Documents and requirements for opening an account

The main and one of the most important conditions to open the current account with us is that your company must have a connection with Lithuania.

We may ask for additional documentation, information or explanation where this is required (e.g. account statement, documents proving the origin of the funds, information about the group’s structure, beneficiaries etc.) according to local and international laws and regulations as well as to respect “Know your customer principle” before entering or proceeding with business relations.

The following documents must be submitted:

  • The contract or deed of establishment of a legal entity, or a notary-certified copy of it
  • A notarised authorisation of the founders to sign the bank account agreement (if it is not being signed by the founders, and if such authorisation is not specified in the founding agreement or deed)

The temporary cumulative bank account is managed in euros only.

*You can open the temporary accumulative account and form the share capital online at the Register Centre self-service system (qualified e-signature will be needed)

  • Paragraph 4 of Article 8 of the Law on Companies of the Republic of Lithuania establishes that the funds in the accumulative account of the company being established can be used only after the company has been registered in the Register of Legal Entities (lit. JAR). Considering this, the funds in the  accumulative account can be transferred only to an account opened in the name of the registered company at SEB Bank or another credit or electronic money institution
  • If the company is not established, the authorised capital can be paid out from the accumulative account based on the instructions of the founders or the authorised persons

The following documents shall be submitted:

  • Taxpayer registration certificate
  • If the account is opened to a bailiff, the order of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania regarding the appointment to serve as bailiff
  • If the account is opened to an attorney-at-law, a certificate issued by the Lithuanian Bar Association, granting the right to engage in the activities of an attorney-at-law
  • If the account is opened to an assistant attorney-at-law, the decision of the Lithuanian Bar Association regarding registration of a person on the list of Lithuanian assistants attorney-at-law
  • If the account is opened to a notary, the order of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania regarding the appointment to perform the duties of notary
  • If the account is opened for a farmer, the original of the their farm registration certificate or a notarised copy of it
  • Legal person’s questionnaire (PDF)

Special offer package for newly established business*

  • Any business service plan 1 year free of charge
  • Up to three card readers without a subscription fee for 1 year
  • E-commerce payment solution without monthly fees
  • No fee for opening and managing company accounts and transferring money in euros online
  • E-commerce payment initiation service free for 3 months
  • 1% annual interest on savings deposit
  • Unlimited Mastercard Business debit card usage
  • SEB Baltic Gateway basic services in operator's channel free of charge

Additionally use:

Payment card readers**

  • the subscription fee for the card reader is not applicable for the first year of use
  • commission fee - 0.9 percent. card payment amounts and 0.01 EUR per transaction fee
  • after the first year of use, a monthly subscription fee of 12 EUR starts to be applied
  • the offer is valid if no more than three electronic card readers are installed per company

Payment collection service for e.shops

  • Accept payments by MasterCard and Visa
  • Payment initiation service from major Baltic banks
  • Payments through the PayPal system
  • Apple Pay payments

Free knowledge platform for your business

  • Practical tips for business growth
  • Video stories and interviews with experts
  • Free seminars and lectures

Frequently asked questions

The service plan can be ordered by the head of the company or his authorised person or a person who is authorised by the head of the company to file payment orders in the agreement on electronic services signed between the company and the bank:

To order a service plan, the company needs to have at least one SEB account.
To order a service plan, non-SEB customers first need to open a SEB account. To learn the quickest way to do it, call us at +370 5 268 2822.

You can choose only one service plan. If you think it is worth changing your plan, you can do this by logging in to the internet bank, by phone +370 5 268 2822 or visiting a SEB bank unit.

Without extra charge you can make the defined number of online transfers while any surplus is subject to the standard fees from the bank’s price list.

Concluding fee is debited on the following day from your indicated account of signing the agreement if an ordered service plan is valid right away. - A concluding fee is not debited if an agreement starts to valid from the beginning of following month

  • The monthly fee is charged for the current month
  • The monthly fee is not charged on the date of signing the agreement
  • The monthly fee is charged on every month 4th day
  • If there are no sufficient funds on the linked bank account, the fee will be debited from your other accounts in any currencies
  • If you terminate the agreement before the end of the month, the fee will not be refunded and standard service fees from the bank’s price list will start to apply.
  • The concluding, monthly fee is charged even if you do not use the services included in the plan
  • The agreement takes effect on the date when it is signed by both parties, i.e. you and the bank. The plan may take effect immediately or from the beginning of the following month.
  • If the agreement is made online, it takes effect on the date when you log in to the internet bank and confirm the fact of making the agreement. 

To change the plan, log into the internet bank, by phone +370 5 268 2822 or visit a bank unit. Once the plan has been changed, a new agreement is signed which will valid from the following month. After a new agreement is signed, the terms and rates defined in it start to apply.

You can cancel the agreement anytime subject to informing the bank:

*The offer is valid for companies established during the previous 12 months by opening current account with SEB.
**The offer is valid for newly established companies - these are companies that have not been established for more than 12 months.