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Home Equity Loan


Special mortgage loan offer

Valid for applications completed by 30 June 2024

  • No contract fee
  • We will provide a credit offer with a favourable interest rate
  • Once you have completed your application, we will contact you within 1 working day

Valid for applications completed by 30 June 2024

We want you to pursue your goals with care

You can borrow a larger amount of money for your different needs

Under certain circumstances you can postpone payment of instalments

Professional advice from our experts

Check your opportunities to borrow and calculate the approximate loan amount you can get

Typical example for calculating annual percentage rate

If a loan of EUR 100,000 secured by real estate collateral is granted for the period of 25 years and 300 loan instalments based on the annuity method will be made, the total amount to be paid by such borrower will make EUR 187,732.98, monthly instalment – EUR 618.94. The annual percentage rate will make 5.85 %. Annual percentage rate showing the total cost of a loan is calculated by including the below instalments made within the entire loan period:

  •  5.5 % variable interest
  •  EUR 0 agreement fee
  •  EUR 8.6 mortgage (pledge) registration fee
  •  EUR 1 per month minimum fee for main banking services
  •  EUR 70 dwelling insurance annual premium

Note. Property valuation costs and the commission for the services provided by a credit intermediary are not included. 

Annual percentage rate and the total amount to be paid by the borrower are calculated considering that the loan is disbursed on the agreement signature date and that the terms of the agreement, interest rate and fees do not change within the entire loan period, and the terms and conditions of the agreement are timely implemented. If you fail to fulfil or unduly fulfil the terms of the loan agreement, the risk exists that you may be deprived of the ownership right to the pledged real estate. The mortgaged real estate must be insured in favor of the bank during the entire loan period. 

What SEB offers

  • Interest rate is set individually
  • Possibility to delay principal payments
  • You can make a full or partial loan early repayment in the internet bank, as well as conveniently change monthly payment date and account

More about home equity loan

Home loan and loan to private individual (subject to real estate pledge)

Annual interest rate fixed on individual basis
Contract fee:
  • loan issuance
  • increase in loan amount
0.4 percent of the loan amount, at least EUR 200
No fee applies for Green home loan
Commitment fee 0.4 percent per year of the undisbursed loan amount
Fee for a consent to provide a second ranking pledge of property to another creditor EUR 150
A change of payment day Free of charge
A change of repayment account Free of charge
Other amendments to the terms and conditions of the loan agreement EUR 200
Loan deferment Free of charge
Discharge of mortgage through VĮ Registrų centras system Free of charge (the fee by Registry center)
Amendment to terms and conditions of a loan agreement in case of: If variable interest rate is applied: If fixed interest is applied:
  • a change of fixed interest rate with variable interest rate and vice versa
  • a change of variable interest period
  • a change of loan currency
0.4 percent of outstanding loan, at least EUR 200 year(s) until expiry of fixed interest rate period -
percent of outstanding loan, at least EUR 200
up to 5 year (inclusive)up to 5 year (inclusive) - 1.5
6–10 (inclusive) - 3
  • a change of variable interest rate margin or fixed interest rate
0.4 percent of outstanding loan, at least EUR 200  

Prepayment fee

At variable interest rate that varies all throughout the loan period not applied
At variable interest rate which is established for the initial period and which, upon expiry of the initial period, varies throughout the remaining loan period over the initial period – statutory fee (The Rules for Calculation of Compensation), however, not more than 3% of the amount of the prepaid loan or any part thereof

not applied upon expiry of the initial period

At fixed interest rate statutory fee (The Rules for Calculation of Compensation), however, not more than 3% of the amount of the prepaid loan or any part thereof

Other services

Documentation related to a credit agreement: certifications, official letters, consents, permissions, approvals EUR 30.00
Uninsured Collateral Administration Fee (applied if a collateral is a residential real estate object) EUR 20.00 per month
The fee is charged if the collateral is not insured for more than 30 days
Basic lending conditions

Requirements for the borrower

Loans are available to adult nationals of the Republic of Lithuania and individuals with a permit of permanent residence in Lithuania who are receiving permanent income, in particular:

  • wages
  • other regular income received under author's agreements, from business activity, lease and otherwise supported by relevant documentation

The total amount of monthly instalments paid to various credit institutions should not exceed 40 per cent of your total monthly net income.

Amount and maturity

The amount and maturity of the loan depend on the value of mortgaged property – we can lend you an amount equalling 60 per cent of the value of mortgaged property. The available maturity is up to 15 years.

The loan amount also depends on the assessment of the family’s financial capacity to repay the loan.


Loans are available in euros.


When signing a loan agreement, you may select the interest rate: variable or fixed.

Variable interest may be of two types:

  • fluctuates within the entire loan period. It includes the bank margin individually approved for you and 3, 6 or12 month EURIBOR (Euro Interbank Offered Rate) selected by you.  Variable interest portion EURIBOR will be fixed for the first time on the drawdown date of the first loan portion and will be effective until the following interest rate adjustment date. On other interest rate adjustment dates, the variable interest portion will be newly fixed.  The variable interest portion will be fixed based on EURIBOR valid two business days ago. If the value was negative, it will be considered that the variable interest portion is zero.
  • fixed for the initial period and after its expiry will fluctuate within the remaining loan period. It includes the interest rate individually approved for you on the loan agreement signature date, which is effective within the initial period of 2, 3, 5 or 10 years selected by you, and after its expiry, the variable interest portion fluctuates within the remaining loan period as specified above

Fixed interest rate may be approved, if your loan period does not exceed 10 years. Fixed interest rate selected by you will be approved for the entire credit period.

Interest will accrue on the outstanding loan, and we will calculate it considering that a year consists of 360 days.

Both a new fixed and variable interest will be determined depending on the situation in the lending market, the loan amount maturity, assessment of your financial potential, individual credit risk, and also on the number and type of services provided to you by SEB Bank.


Repayment of the loan is normally secured by taking out a mortgage against housing. Requirements:

  • The value of the mortgaged immovable property must be established by property valuers
  • Mortgaged immovable property (other than parcels of land) must be provided with insurance coverage from a property insurance company

Loan repayment

Once the bank has disbursed the funds of the loan, your instalments will be debited from your chosen account on the agreed payment dates. The first instalment is interest only.

Repayment methods

Linear method
The principal is divided into equal portions, which are paid every month. Interest accrued on the outstanding loan portion for the actual number of days will be added to it (the lower the outstanding loan, the lower interest will accrue on it). So over the entire term of the agreement the monthly instalments are gradually decreasing.
Annuity method
The same amount of instalments is paid every month, consisting of the principal and interest. At first interest comprises the larger part of the instalment. It gradually decreases while the principal is increasing, but the amount of the monthly instalment does not change. In calculating the instalment amounts, it will be considered that a year consists of 360 days.
Example of the composite parts of a credit instalment and their change in both cases

If you can afford higher instalments from the beginning, it is worth choosing the linear method because the amount of interest paid will be lower over the whole term.

Grace period

If you are facing an emergency, you can file us a request to postpone payment o instalments without changing the final loan maturity date. During the grace period only interest is payable.

Emergency: Grace period:
you lose job up to 6 months
your income drops  up to 6 months
family loses breadwinner (spouse) up to 12 months
you become incapacitated, partially incapacitated or become ill and can’t work for more than 2 months up to 12 months 
We recommend aligning the credit grace period with the period you can’t work
childbirth up to 6 - 12 months
aftermath of fire or other natural disasters up to 12 months
you start studying up to 3 months
divorce up to 6 months
in case of compulsory initial military service within the entire period of compulsory military service

On our Internet Bank you can conveniently manage your loan agreement on your own:

  • change the loan payment day

  At a branch On the Internet Bank
The change of payment day fee EUR 30 EUR 0
  • change the repayment account

  • make a partial or full loan prepayment, if the credit is issued at variable interest rate that varies all throughout the loan period or at variable interest rate which is established for the initial period and which, upon expiry of the initial period, varies  throughout the  remaining loan period, and if the initial period has expired

To change any other terms and conditions of the agreement, on the Internet Bank please submit your application for amending the agreement by selecting the required loan in “My credits“ and then go to "Other changes".


Documents required from you and your spouse:

  • Loan application
  • Personal identity documents (passport of a Lithuanian national or personal identity card)
  • Consents to retrieving your data from external databases

Additional documents that may be required:

  • Statements on wages from the last 12 months (on the employer's letterhead signed by the head and CFO of the company and sealed)
  • Employment contracts
  • A tax return approved by the State Tax Inspectorate if you are a sole proprietor
  • Copyright contracts, if part of your income is generated under such contracts
  • Other certificates or documents which testify to your family income

Additional documentation that may be required if you apply for a loan to build or reconstruct a home:

  • Contract for works if the works are performed with a contractor
  • Construction permit and other design documentation
  • Documents testifying to the title to a parcel of land or leasehold interest
  • Cost estimate for construction or reconstruction work and timetable for completion of the work

In each individual case we may ask you for more documentation.

For more information about a loan, lending terms and fees please contact us at  +370 5 268 2800

Borrowing is always associated with the risk of being unable to fulfil your assumed obligations properly and in due time, so before you decide to take out a loan, consider this risk carefully.

Use the home loan calculator to calculate a loan instalment that you could pay the bank every month without difficulty and consider the risk of decreased income. We also recommend considering the risk of increased instalments related to a rise in the interest rate and the risk of borrowing in a foreign currency.

According to the Responsible Lending Regulations of the Bank of Lithuania, we will provide you with instalment samples and other information related to concluding a loan agreement before signing the loan agreement. Please compare the different offers and make an informed decision.

Please note that you need to take out a mortgage against property to secure repayment of the loan. If the assumed financial liabilities are not fulfilled, there occurs a risk to lose title to the property.

The bank has the right to refuse giving out a loan.


Want to consult?
Our experts will help you

  • You can get a video consultation online
  • During the consultation, we will discuss your needs and the kind of home you want to buy
  • If you haven't chosen a property yet, we'll help you better understand your needs
  • We will discuss your personal and family options (income and liabilities) and help you to find solutions to buy your own home
  • Documents required: personal documents (ID card or passport), information about the property you have chosen (price, area, neighbourhood, if available, valuation report of the property you want to buy).

Safe Loan Insurance

  • In case of any illness, injury or job loss, you will be paid periodic benefits equal to the credit instalment or selected portion hereof paid by you
  • In case of any severe accident, your immediate family will be protected against all outstanding financial obligations or any portion thereof
  • It will help you and your family meet all financial obligations and retain rights to your home or other assets

Which credit suits you?

Select your goal and we will help you to choose the right solution.