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Improving home energy efficiency


Loan for home energy efficiency

  • Credit amount from Eur 4 000 to Eur 40 000
  • Interest rate from 4.9 %
  • Repayment term from 1 to 7 years
  • Agreement fee – 1.5 % of credit amount (min. Eur 50)

Consumer loan example of calculating the annual percentage rate of charge
If you received a EUR 5000 consumer loan in euros for 5 years, the total amount payable by the consumer would be EUR 6834,71, monthly payment will be EUR 111,65. The amount includes the consumer loan interest paid over the loan maturity (12 per cent interest rate was applied) the administration fee EUR 75 and the account maintenance fee EUR 1. In this case the annual percentage rate of charge would be 14,07per cent. The annual percentage rate of charge and the total amount to be repaid by the borrower are calculated considering that the loan is disbursed on the agreement signature date, and that the terms of the agreement, the interest rate and fees do not change during the entire loan term, and the terms and conditions of the agreement are timely implemented. The annual percentage rate of charge is provided to help you compare different offers.