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Home insurance


Get your home insured and feel at ease

Insurance is provided by AB “Lietuvos draudimas“

Buildings and household assets will be covered by all-risks insurance

You may pay your insurance contributions on a monthly basis

At a small extra payment, you may have access to the Emergency Assistance at Home service

Home insurance will protect in various cases


Apply for home insurance

You are protected from:


  • Water
  • Fire
  • Natural disasters

You get insurance coverage for


  • walls, ceilings, windows, floors, doors;
  • plumbing system;
  • water supply system;
  • air conditioning system;
  • ancillary buildings (ancillary buildings, e.g. a fence, a storeroom or a pergola will be insured together with the residential building in an amount of cover making up to 4 % of the amount of insurance of your residential property).

Bundle with extra covers for more protection

  • Household assets insurance. It covers your accumulated  household assets: furniture, household appliances, household items, such as TV, video and audio equipment; radio and TV antenna equipment; valuables: cash, jewellery, documents, antiques, etc.; other individual’s property, if it has been assigned to your lawful disposal.

  • Civil liability insurance. We care about your good relations with neighbours. If as a result of unintended outbreak of fire in your dwelling or in case of your neighbour’s apartment overflow with water originating from your apartment your neighbour’s expensive equipment, ceilings, walls, floor or any other property is damaged, you will be able to compensate your neighbour for the damage up to EUR 4,500 in an apartment and up to EUR 45,000 in a house. If you obtain buildings or household assets insurance, you will get free insurance against civil liability in respect of your dwelling.
  • Personal civil liability insurance. With this type of insurance you will be able to avoid additional problems, as damage to third persons health, life or property rendered either by you yourself or your family members or pets will be compensated to as much as EUR 1,500. Insurance will compensate damage, if, for instance: your pet attacks your neighbour or scratches your neighbour’s car; you or your family members in their leisure time activities (e.g., biking, roller-skating, skateboarding, skiing, canoeing or boating) harm another person’s health or assets. If you obtain both buildings and household assets insurance, you will also get free personal civil liability insurance within the territory of the Republic of Lithuania.

  • Emergency Assistance at Home insurance. If the door slams shut or in case of window glass breakage or sewer drain blockage, your Emergency Assistance at Home will be of immediate service. In a problem situation, you will not have to look for any technical help to take care of the problem as a matter of urgency, rather, any required emergency services will be called in. Just call Lietuvos Draudimas at 1828 and wait for help or assistance. The Emergency Assistance at Home service is available at a small extra amount to your purchased buildings or household assets insurance.

What to do in case of insured event. Essentials.


View detailed instructions

  • Immediately inform relevant authorities (the police, the fire and rescue service or the manager of the house, etc.) about the event. 
  • Submit an application for indemnity 24/7 on the webpage If you have any questions about registering the event, call AB “Lietuvos draudimas” at 1828.
  • Never start repair without the consent of insurer.

Simple and easy steps to proceed

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