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Bank account

  • You can keep funds in different currencies in one account (you can add new currency to your account via internet bank)
  • You can manage your account both by visiting a bank unit and via electronic channels

Ways to open an account and become our customer

Via the app

In just a 15 minute long registration you will gain access to the mobile app possibilities, order a card delivery to your address, open a current account and almost all the SUMANU plan benefits with a 3 month free trial.

The fastest and most suitable way, if:

To access the full banking services, such as loans or credit cards with credit limits, you need to apply for a video meeting or branch visit, to sign the full agreement. 

Steps for registering in the app

Learn more

In the branch

Schedule a meeting in the closest branch to you and receive the full range of SEB possibilities

Suitable, if:

  • Available also for non-residents and for business account opening for other bank customers.
  • You would like to open a current account in SEB and you are not a citizen of Lithuania.

Steps for in person registration

Book a meeting

During a video meeting

Choose the convenient time and open a bank account remotely, during a video meeting with us. With SEB account, you will be able to use all of our services, as well as access our internet bank.

This way suits you if:

  • You have an ID document issued by the Republic of Lithuania
  • You have a qualified electronic signature (qualified Smart-ID or Mobile-ID)
  • Smart device, using which you will log in to the video meeting (here you can find full requirements) 

Detailed steps

Register for a video meeting Upload an ID document


When you have a bank account, you can:

  • Keep and save your money in the account securely
  • Withdraw cash from your account from ATMs and other outlets
  • Receive your salary and other income to your account
  • Receive money transferred to you from bank accounts in Lithuania and abroad
  • Transfer money to other accounts in Lithuania and abroad
  • Buy and sell foreign currency
  • Manage your money conveniently, pay for services online, via a cell phone or by visiting a bank unit
  • Link a payment card to the account
Account switch service

The account switch service is when your newly chosen payment service provider and your current payment service provider help you to transfer with your bank account related payment services at your request.

Limited usage account

Limited usage account is an account of limited functionality intended for servicing credit, leasing, deposit or any other banking product, where a customer does not wish to have a bank account, yet an account is necessary for proper administration of a relevant service, and the right to have a limited usage account is provided by legislation or under agreement with the bank.

Price list

Service Charge

Minimum bank service fee:
bank account opening (except account opening for non-residents3)
bank account maintenance
bank account closure
administration of incoming payments2

EUR 1 per month1

Minimum bank service fee for non-residents3:
bank account maintenance
bank account closure
administration of incoming payments2

EUR 10 per month1
Account opening for non-residents3 EUR 250.00
Previous / current month statement of account free of charge
Bank account statement for period indicated by a customer EUR 5.00
Issuance of a certified document copy EUR 1.45 (per page)
Bank certification, letters and other endorsement
Standard certificate on a bank account balances, existence as the bank customer, closing of accounts (in Lithuanian or in English) EUR 10.00
Non-standard certificate on term deposits, securities, restrictions, liabilities etc. (in Lithuanian or in English) upon the agreement, min EUR 30.00
Bank certification on funds with the cumulative account free of charge
Customer requisites endorsement EUR 5.00
Debit of funds (without customer‘s consent) initiated by special order received from the PLAIS4
Fee applied to the customer whose account is debited EUR 1
Mailing of a statement of bank account or any other document:
by post in Lithuania EUR 1.45
by post to a foreign country EUR 5.79
Payment document endorsement by the bank EUR 0.58 per page

1 The fee is applied for every bank account of a customer.

2 Administration of incoming payments in all currencies transferred within SEB Bank and administration of incoming payments in euro from other banks registered in Lithuania, the EU, the EEA countries, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino, United Kingdom and Andorra.

3 All natural persons are classified as non-resident customers, other than those who are classified as residents. A resident is a natural person legally residing in the Republic of Lithuania or in any other Member State of the European Union or of the European Economic Area, United Kingdom, i.e. a person who, by virtue of the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania or of such other Member State has the right, respectively, to reside in the Republic of Lithuania or in such other Member State.

PLAIS – Funds limitation information system administrated by SE Centre of Registers (VĮ „Registrų centras“).