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Paying by card

Collect payments in-store or on the go


Keep up with customers’ needs by accepting cards and contactless payments

Smaller expenses for cash services

Safer transactions for customers and less risk for merchants

Money is deposited to your account next calendar day

Special offer for POS on phone. Now 3 months for free

Reach the customer more easily - accept payments by phone

  • Turn your phone or tablet into a payment card reader with a special SEB app.
  • Mobile app-based payment card payment solution on your smart Android device
  • Accept contactless payments wherever you work
  • No additional device is required, just your smartphone or tablet
  • The offer is valid for new service recipients*
  • The offer is valid until 2024 August 31

For new recipients of the service*

Choose the payment collection solution that best suits your business needs:

  • 3 months no reader subscription fee for new service recipients
  • 0.95 % card payment commission fee and 0.01 EUR per transaction fee
  • The offer is valid until 2024 August 31

*Additional terms:

  • The conditions of the offer are valid for the installation of no more than three electronic card readers per company that has not yet used the payment card payment service.
  • The service to the company can be provided if the bank can do so in accordance with the law and the bank's internal rules.
  • This offer cannot be considered as an obligation of the bank to conclude a contract and provide a service.


Get started with POS on phone easily and fully remotely


  1. Apply for the service remotely on SEB homepage or in internet bank and sign the service agreement.

  2. Receive the email from our official partner EPS with the access to the solution and create your own password.

  3. Download SEB POS on phone application on your Android device from Google play store, activate it start to accept payments.

Choose a portable solution based on your business capacity

POS on phone

POS on phone

  • Payment acceptance application on your Android smart device (a phone or a tablet)
  • Accepts all types of contactless payments
  • Mobile and fully digital
  • Up to 20 payments a day
  • Best for micro and small companies


Touchscreen mobile POS terminal

Touchscreen mobile POS terminal

  • Portable & contactless smart device with HD colour touchscreen
  • Up to 200 payments / day
  • Best for retail trade, catering and delivery services
  • GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth



Mobile POS terminal

  • Portable & Contactless
  • Up to 100 payments/day
  • Best for catering / service
  • GPRS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth


Choose a stationery device

Stationery POS terminal

Stationery POS terminal

  • Stationery & Contactless
  • Up to 200 payments/day
  • Best for trade


Cash register system

Cash register system

  • Stationery & Contactless
  • Unlimited payments, integrates with cash register system
  • Large number of transactions


In addition to payment card services, you get these benefits

  • Free maintenance and repair of the POS terminal
  • 24h customer support line
  • Replacement terminal for the duration of repair
  • Free training and guidance documents
  • Flexible reporting solutions for easy accounting
  • Cash-back possibility

Cashback service for customers at the point-of-sale

When paying for goods and/or services using all Mastercard brand cards, your customers will also be able to make cashback. The service is provided free of charge to both the merchant and the cardholder.

For merchants

  • You will save time and reduce cash balances in hand in collection 
  • You will attract new customers and be able to increase your shopping cart
  • You will add value to your customers
  • To use this service, contact us by email  

For customers

  • This service is free of charge
  • Cash can be withdrawn by paying with the Mastercard brand debit card of any issuer
  • The amount of purchase must be 5 euros or more
  • The maximum amount of cashback in one payment is 100 euros
  • The number of cashback transactions is unlimited, and the amount withdrawn is not included in the customer’s free monthly limit

Tipping service with card reader

  • The service can be used by holders of SEB card readers
  • For those with a card reader, a contract amendment must be signed. Contact by email
  • For those who do not have a card reader, purchase a reader by choosing a tip collection service

Special offers:

For newly established companies*

  • The subscription fee for the card reader is not applicable for the first year of use
  • Commission fee - 0.9 % card payment amounts and 0.01 EUR per transaction fee
  • After the first year of use, a monthly subscription fee of 12 EUR starts to be applied

For fair participants

  • One-time reader fee of 35 EUR
  • 1.10 % card payment commission fee and 0.01 EUR per transaction fee
  • Reader installation and free maintenance

For new recipients of the service

  • 3 months no reader subscription fee for new service recipients
  • 0.95 % card payment commission fee and 0.01 EUR per transaction fee
  • The offer is valid until 2024 August 31

How to start?

Submit application and we will get back at you within 3 business days with a personalized offer.

Fill the application

Sign agreement with SEB

Start collecting payments

Service Charge
Generation of a POS terminal statement covering the customer's specified period*
*The fee applies to non-standard statements or statements covering more than the recent six months’ period.
10 Eur

Have any questions?

  • Help on finding the right solution for your business needs
  • Answers about technical implementation
  • Explanation about different pricing options

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