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Employee group insurance


Why is there value in employee life insurance?

Life insurance is universal coverage, offering a payout in case of death due to any reason, no matter if it is illness or an accident.

Taking care of financial security of employees family
Additional motivation of employees
Better image of the employer
Favourable tax environment

Are you already providing your employees with accident insurance?

Mortality rates for people of working age due to illnesses are many times higher than mortality rates due to accidents. If you are already providing your employees with accident insurance, life insurance could be the next step in ensuring the day-to-day safety of your employees.

Flexible terms according to your needs:

  • choice of individual insurance covers and amounts
  • insurance period
  • flexible periodicity of insurance premium payments

How much does it cost?

In the event of an accident, you would probably want to support the employee’s family financially. 
How much could you spend on such support? 1,000 EUR? 5,000 EUR? Insurance cover of EUR 10,000 for an employee would cost you only 7 EUR / month.

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The amount of cover for a 30-year-old employee is EUR 10,000:

  • Life insurance
  • critical diseases
  • injuries and accidents
  • death due to an accident

Monthly premium: 7 EUR

Interested in the offer?

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Favourable tax environment 

Premiums are exempt from payroll taxes if:

  • the insurance contract has been concluded for at least 10 years
  • the annual amount of insurance premiums paid per employee does not exceed 25% of the employee's taxable income 
  • Individually tailored and flexible solutions
  • Exclusive service
  • Valuable expert advice

Saving schemes

Pension saving

  • saving in Pillar III pension funds 
  • saving in Pillar II pension funds 
  • owner of funds: the employee 

What should I do in case of an insurance event?

  • Fill in the notice form for the insured event
  • Submit the required documents
  • Receive an insurance benefit

This is promotional information about the services provided by SEB Life and Pension SE Lithuanian Branch and UAB SEB “Investicijų valdymas”, and cannot be interpreted as a recommendation or invitation to save under a unit-linked life insurance or pension saving contract nor may serve as a basis for a subsequent transaction or any part thereof. If previous performance was good or worse, it is not an indication that it will be the same in the future. The value of an investment can both increase and decrease. You are responsible for the investment decisions made, therefore, before taking a decision, you area advised to read detailed information about the services offered, the investment strategy, rules and applicable fees in relation to the chosen fund or investment allocation.
The content of the information provided is based on sources that are considered reliable. AB SEB bankas, SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE Lithuanian Branch and UAB SEB “Investicijų valdymas” are not liable for any inaccuracies or losses that may arise, if the investment is based on this information.
The information is provided in accordance with the existing legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania regulating taxation under insurance and / or pension saving contracts. It should be noted that legal regulation may change, and taxation in relation to insurance contracts already concluded may depend on the changes.