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SEB Baltic Venture Debt

Venture Debt is a new EUR 20 million ambition for debt investments in high growth companies in the Baltic countries.

For financing options contact via e-mail

Up to

2 000 000 EUR

available finance

Interest rate starting from


above the base rate

Up to

4 years

loan term

What is Venture Debt?

SEB Venture Debt is a EUR 20 million program for debt investments in high growth companies in the Baltic countries. This is an alternative to our traditional lending framework. We will help fund expansion of proven business models even before stable profits are achieved.

SEB Venture Debt will not enter into equity and will not request board seats. At the same time we will provide full service advisory and businesses will have access to our international network of investors and our know-how established throughout decades.


  • Non-dilutive financing
  • Clear up-front terms and a dedicated person to partner with
  • Building a banking relationship to scale your business
  • A flexible structure of the financing and an ability to tailor it to ongoing needs

Who can apply for Venture Debt?

We welcome applications from companies that have:

  • established customer/user base;
  • post product market fit with strong traction and growth pace;
  • annual recurring revenue of 500’000 EUR or more;
  • strong strategy and plan for long-term profit;
  • venture capital involvement is a strong preference.