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Digital wallets


Google Pay

Add your SEB card to Google Pay via SEB mobile app or Google Wallet and use your Android devices for quick and easy payments.

Apple Pay

Add your SEB card to Apple Pay via SEB mobile app or Apple Wallet and use your Apple devices for secure and fast payments in stores, apps and online.

Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay

Add your SEB card to Garmin or Fitbit smartwatch supporting wallet functionality to make contactless payments in stores.

SEB Wallet

Use the SEB mobile app to create a digital version of your card in your Android phone. Pay conveniently in stores and other points of sale by holding your smartphone over the card reader.
Starting February 2024, we will renew our mobile app and will disable the SEB wallet.

A bank in your smartphone

  • Quick overview of your account balances
  • Convenient way to make and request payments
  • Manage your savings goals and bank cards

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