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Google Pay™ – quick and easy payments

Available on Android and Wear OS devices that support NFC functionality and payments
Make payments by any type of active Mastercard card
Use at merchants supporting Google Pay – in stores, mobile apps and online stores
Download the SEB mobile app for Android from Google Play (v4.0.78 or higher required)

Before you start

  • Update your Android device’s operating system to the latest version
  • Sign into Google account and enable screen lock on your device
  • Make sure that your SEB card is activated, and you have access to the SEB mobile app
  • Google Pay is available to SEB customers from the age of 14

How can I add my card to Google Wallet™ using SEB mobile app?

  • To begin setup, download the SEB mobile app (or update it to the latest version) 
  • Log into the SEB app and open section “Cards”, select a card and tap on “Add to Google Pay”
  • Follow instructions on screen, read and agree to the Digital wallet terms and conditions
  • When the card is successfully added to the Google Wallet, you will see confirmation on screen and receive a SMS from SEB

How to pay with Google Pay? 

In stores

To pay in stores using the contactless POS terminals – unlock your device and hold it close to the POS terminal. Once the checkmark appears on your device the transaction is complete. 

In apps or online

To pay in apps or online stores on your browser – select Google Pay as the payment method at checkout or tap “Pay with Google Pay”. 

Settings and payment limits of your ordinary card are also applied to the digital card in Google Pay. The only exception is that there is no contactless payment limit set for your digital card in Google Pay. No extra charges are applied for Google Pay transactions.

Frequently asked questions

  • Open Google Wallet app or download it from Google Play.  
  • Tap “Add to Wallet” and follow the instructions. 
  • Read and agree to the Digital wallet terms and conditions. 
  • Confirm adding your card to Google Pay by verifying your identity using SEB mobile app or calling SEB.  
  • When the card is successfully added to the Google Wallet, you will see confirmation on screen and receive an SMS from SEB. 
  • Payments with Google Pay are completely secure, and there are various features in place to ensure the safety of your funds: 
  • Creating the digital version of your card always requires cardholder verification. 
  • Google does not store your card’s data. When you add your card to Google Wallet, a unique digital card number is created for your card and associated with your device. When making transactions, only the digital card data is exchanged with the merchant. 
  • If the payment exceeds 50 euros or you have made several payments in a row, a device unlock is required for making a payment with Google Pay. Payment must be made in 60 seconds.
  • You can manage the digital cards using the Google Wallet app. 
  • To identify the digital version of the card, view its last four digits – they are the same as for your ordinary card.   
  • To view the digital card’s transaction history, tap on the card – the last 10 transactions made with this digital card will be displayed. Please note that if you have added single card to Google Pay on multiple devices, the transaction history is not shared, and you can view transaction history only for the specific device.  
  • To view more information about the card, tap on it. In card “Details” you can view information about the digital card, including the last four digits of the digital card number (Virtual Account Number) that will be indicated on the payment receipts. Here you can also review transaction history and update digital card to the default one, as well as remove the card if necessary. 
  • If you do not have access to your device or you have lost it, remotely erase its data using Google Find My Device or call SEB customer centre and ask us to suspend or delete the digital card.  

Google Pay and Google Wallet are trademarks of Google LLC.