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Responsible investment


AB SEB bankas (hereinafter ‘SEB’) strives to ensure that investment services offered to its clients are not only competitive, but also comprehensive. SEB assesses financial instruments we advice or use in our investment portfolios from the point of view of the underlying financial instruments’ sustainability risks management and the potential negative impact of investments on sustainability. SEB has adopted the Policy on the Integration of Sustainability Risk and Impact into Investment Decisions and Recommendations (the ‘Policy’) – its complete text is available here.

Information on sustainability risks

Here you will find concise information on ways in which SEB assesses sustainability risks in taking investment decisions, providing investment portfolio management services and advises on investments and insurance services.

Sustainability risk is the probability that a financial asset value will decrease as a result of the issuer's negative impact on sustainability or of any other adverse environmental, social or governance factors (e.g. floods, decline in biodiversity, staff loss, etc.).

Information on the assessment of a negative impact on sustainability

A negative impact on sustainability is the financial instrument issuer’s direct adverse effect on environmental, social, governance and sustainability factors.

SEB provides investment portfolio management service as well as investment and insurance advice, considering its potential adverse effect on sustainability.