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Mastercard World Elite

A worldwide symbol of quality and privileges

Credit limit up to

30,000 euros

Access to a free credit period up to

45 days

Foreign travel insurance covers

all family members

It provides more than you expect

Travel concierge service
Fast Track check-in at international airports
Priority Pass – the opportunity to use business lounges at over 700 international airports
Car rental benefits, discounts and benefits in the hotels all around the world

The Special World Elite travel insurance 

The Special World Elite travel insurance policy is included in the card fee, and it covers an expanded range of insured risks, as well as higher indemnity sums. 

The insurance policy is valid for private travel and business trips alike, and is even valid for high risk sports such as mountain skiing, snowboarding and diving. The price for exclusive World Elite travel insurance is included in the monthly fee for Mastercard World Elite.

The insurance coverage is valid for the spouse and all children of the card holder under the age of 21, if they travel together with the insured card holder.

Learn more about travel insurance

Travel concierge service

The Mastercard Concierge service means your personal assistant abroad, available on a 24/7 basis. The price for concierge service is included in the monthly fee for Mastercard World Elite.

Your personal assistant will provide you with information on various matters, advise you on the best service providers in various fields, make service reservations/bookings. If necessary, subject to your approval, your personal assistant may pay for the services, using your World Elite card data. 

To contact your personal assistant, call +370 800 33567

Fast Track check-in at Baltic states airports

You can save your time with the Mastercard World Elite card by using the Fast Track priority security check in Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius airports.

In Tallinn airport swipe your Mastercard World Elite card at the terminal before priority security check.

The invitation for priority security check in Riga airport can be collected at the special terminal in front of Check-in area. In Riga airport you can print two priority security check invitations over a 24 hour period.

In Vilnius Priority security check point is located on the left from the common aviation security check point on the first floor of the Departures. You can register in advance here.

Fast Track check-in at international airports

Skip the queues and go directly to the Fast Track lane for a more convenient and faster travel experience without extra fees. 

To get the access to the Fast Track service:

•    Make sure that online transactions are enabled for your Mastercard World Elite credit card
•    Register your personal account in Mastercard Travel Experiences mobile app, or on the Mastercard website . The app is available for both iOS and Android users
•    After account registration, you are ready to order the Fast Track for your upcoming airport visit

To book the Fast Track:

•    In Mastercard Travel Experiences app or Mastercard website, choose the airport, number of travellers, and the desired time slot. You will receive your fast track e-ticket via e-mail or the app
•    For settlement, use your free Fast Track passes, or pay with your registered World Elite card
•    Once you arrive at the airport, proceed to the Fast Track zone of the terminal, and use your e-ticket at the scanner

If you are travelling not alone, you can also book Fast Track passes for your travelling companions. Please note that in this case, additional fees will apply.


Priority Pass

The Mastercard World Elite credit card comes with the internationally recognised Priority Pass membership card.

Priority Pass is the world’s biggest business client lounge access programme – it provides access to business client areas at 1300 airports on five continents, where you can enjoy peace, quiet and refreshing beverages.

The Mastercard World Elite credit card provides access to the business client area of the Priority Pass programme at no additional charge four times a year for one person or twice a year for two people.

To be able to enjoy the advantages of a business client area, register your Priority Pass membership card when entering.

For a list of business client areas, visit A list of business class lounges is available online or

Information about the facilities of a specific business client area is available directly at the airport or by sending an SMS to +44 76 2480 9977 with the three-letter airport code indicated in your flight booking information or on your boarding pass.

Car rental benefits

If you like driving a car and enjoy all advantages of travelling by car, use the car rental benefits, provided for Mastercard World Elite cardholders.

  • Up to 15% discount off standard rates
  • Expedited Gold Service at over 1000 locations worldwide
  • Bypass the queues and the counters at more than 50 of the world’s busiest airports
  • Gold Plus Reward Programme 900 bonus points upon enrolment
Hertz car rental

Gold Plus Rewards - all global renting bookings at over 8500 locations across 147 countries

Avis car rental

To use car hire upgrades, discounts and superb benefits you can join Avis Preferred programme with free membership for the recurring membership period of two years.

Discounts and benefits in hotels all over the world

Receive discounts when booking hotels with Mastercard World Elite.

Whether you are planning a romantic weekend, time alone to unwind or a cultural experience with your family, take advantage of these exclusive advantages.

Card payments

In the internet bank or mobile app you can set allowed transactions and spending limits for your cards.

For additional security of online purchases made with cards, you need also to connect to your internet bank, thus confirming your identity.

Ways to repay the credit limit

You may choose between two ways to repay the credit limit:

5% variable payments:

  • 17% annual interest rate
  • Repayment of 5% of used credit limit until the selected day of monthly payment
  • Interest-free period for used credit card limit – up to 45 days. No interest applies if you repay the credit amount in full within 45 days (but no later than on the selected day of monthly payment)

Full credit repayment:

  • 14 % annual interest rate
  • Repayment of full used credit limit until the selected day of monthly payment
  • The interest is calculated from the first day of using the credit limit

In case you lost your card 


If your card is lost or stolen, please block it immediately:

  • in the internet bank (section “Cards” → “My cards”);
  • in the mobile app (in the Cards section, select your card and press Blocking);
  • at +370 5 268 2800 (I–V 8.00–20.00, VI 9.00–18.00, VII 9.00–16.00)
Issuance and delivery
Mastercard Gold card type Credit
Possibility to hold your own funds in the card Yes
Card usage fee1 EUR 35 per month
Card validity 4 years
Card issuance2 EUR 35
Urgent card issuance2, 3 EUR 30
Issuing new card if the old one is lost / stolen / damaged, if new PIN is issued or at cardholder's request before its expiry date (e.g., change of the cardholder’s name, surname, etc.) EUR 10
Sending a new / replaced card to customer by regular post in Lithuania EUR 2
Sending a new / replaced card to customer by registered post in Lithuania EUR 4
Sending a new / replaced card to customer by regular post to another country EUR 10
Sending a new / replaced card to the customer via parcel machine EUR 2.80
Collecting a new / replaced card at SEB bank unit EUR 5
Collecting a renewed card at SEB bank unit Free of charge
Card renewal (upon expiry of the card validity) Condition4, 5
Depositing of cash:
Depositing of cash into your own bank account in euros using SEB bank cash-in ATMs in Lithuania Free of charge
Total monthly cash deposit limit for all customer accounts and linked cards EUR 10 000
Fee, if an individual limit in excess of the standard limit is approved 0.07 % of an amount exceeding EUR 10 000 per month
Cash withdrawal
At cash dispensing shops when paying by card an amount not less than EUR 5 Free of charge from EUR 5 up to EUR 100
At ATMs of SEB Bank and other Lithuanian and foreign banks 2 % (minimum EUR 3)
At a cash desk of another Lithuanian or foreign bank 2 % (minimum EUR 5.79)
At partners6 points of sale 2.5 % (minimum EUR 4)
Credit drawdown fees and terms
Credit limit Up to EUR 30 000
Annual interest paid by a customer for the spent credit 17 % 14 %
Portion of the spent credit repayable on a monthly basis 5 % of the spent credit (minimum EUR 7.24) 100 %
Free of charge credit period up to 45 days Applicable Not applicable
Fee for changing the credit limit on a credit card at the bank’s branch EUR 10 EUR 10
Monthly statements can be submitted:
At the online banking site Free of charge
At a SEB bank unit EUR 5
Other services
Account balance at SEB Lithuania or other banks ATM7 Free of charge
Currency exchange fee in case of operation in other than the card account currency8 2.65 %
Obtaining a copy of the receipt in case of payment in Lithuania9 EUR 1.45
Priority Pass card
Card issuance Issued free of charge to Mastercard World Elite card holders
Card validity period 4 years
Card renewal (if damaged) EUR 23.17
Invalidation of the card EUR 28.96
Visit at the airport lounge (1 visit for 1 person) USD 27.0010

1 The charge is debited on the 28th day of each month. If the card agreement is terminated prior to maturity on the customer’s request, the bank shall be entitled to apply and debit the fee for the current month.

2 There is an additional charge for sending / collecting the card.

3 This fee is added to the card issuance fee.

4 The fee is debited for the previous period on the 28th day of each card validity month. Upon early termination of the card agreement at the customer's request, the bank has the right to apply and debit the fee for the current month.

5 During the last month of the card validity, the card account balance must be 0 (zero) or positive.

6 Cash withdrawals from the terminals of “Perlas Finance”.

7 Checking the account balance in other ATMs of Lithuanian and foreign banks if they have provided such technical functionality.

8 For payment card holder transactions (e.g. payment at a point of sale or online, cash withdrawal at an ATM) by Mastercard payment card, if the transaction currency is other than euro, the transaction amount is converted into euro according to the exchange rate set by Mastercard International and valid on the day of the data processing. The relevant exchange rate applied by the international payment organizations is increased by the bank’s set 2,65 % currency exchange fee.

9 This fee is applied only if the customer is willing to receive the documents confirming the payment transaction by card and if identified that they include the cardholder’s signature or other data specifying that the cardholder paid by card.

10The fee is debited to the Mastercard World Elite card account in USD according to the non-cash selling rate set by SEB Bank (which is valid on the day of the card account debiting).

Calculation Sample of the Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APRC)

If you obtain and use the credit limit of EUR 2,000 available in your credit card account, and the credit period makes 12 months, the total amount to be repaid by the borrower will make EUR 2,725.51 (if 5% fluctuating instalment method is selected for the credit repayment) or EUR 2,744.66 (if the credit will be repaid in a lump sum).

The above specified amount includes interest accrued within the credit period (fixed interest rate of 17 per cent (if 5% fluctuating instalment method is selected) or 14 per cent (if the credit will be repaid in a lump sum) has been applied in the calculation), the card issuance, collecting card at the bank’s branch and card use fee (service fees of contactless credit card Mastercard World Elite have been included in the calculation) and taking into consideration the selected credit repayment method and repayment day (15th day).

In such case, the annual percentage rate of charge makes 58.65 per cent (if 5% fluctuating instalment method is selected for the credit repayment) or 44.71 per cent (if the credit will be repaid in a lump sum). The annual percentage rate of charge and the total amount to be repaid by the borrower has been calculated taking into consideration the selected credit repayment method and the repayment day and making assumptions that the amount of outstanding credit is repaid within 12 months, the bank and the customer fulfil their obligations under the credit agreement within a specified period of time, interest rate and other charges remain the same as they were on the date of entering into the agreement on credit limit, the bank disburses the total credit on the agreement signature date and such amount is not repaid by the credit maturity date.

Have a question about cards?

To get answers quickly please use the Virtual advisor on our web page.

For more detailed information about payment cards, their issuance and use terms as well as applicable fees please contact us at +370 5 268 2800 (I–V 8.00–20.00, VI 9.00–18.00, VII 9.00–16.00) or visit a SEB bank unit of your choice.