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Importing and exporting files


Starting from 1 January 2016, the companies sending payment orders via the Internet Bank, are required to use the ISO 20022 XML format messages and will be able to download  the statements of account in the above format from the Internet Bank to the accounting software.

Users of the ISO 20022 XML format messages will have an opportunity to:

  • automate the payment  order transfer to the bank
  • receive the statements of account from the bank for the specified period
  • receive the statements of account and sent the payment orders in the identical ISO 20022 XML format

Aiming to efficiently use the advantages of the ISO 20022 XML format, from 1 January 2016  it is applied by AB SEB bankas for the transfers in the euro and also in other foreign currencies.

  1. Contact your company’s IT unit or the software provider and request them to adapt the accounting software to the ISO 20022 XML format.
  2. Allocate resources and time for implementation of the above changes.
  3. Inform employees about expected changes.

If you are willing to test the new file upload method and check whether your files in the ISO 20022 XML format are correct, you will need to:

Test files

  1. Issue a local payment order in the ISO 20022 XML format (ISO 20022 XML payment order sample)
  2. Upload the issued file to the Internet Bank (log in to the Internet Bank → Payments  → Other  → Payment file upload → File upload)
  3. Check whether the payment orders are correctly submitted.
  4. Select the payment orders to be executed and confirm thereof by clicking on the "Confirm selected“ button.
  2. Log in to the Internet Bank.
  4. Select menu item "Accounts and cards“ and click on menu item "Statements of Account“.
  6. Expand menu line "Filter“ and select the account(s), the statement(s) of which is required.
  8. Select the period and click on the "File order“ button.
  10. After opening a new window, select the XML (ISO2022) format and click on the "Confirm“ button.
  12. After 5–10 minutes you will find the statement of account in the in statement folder attached to the menu item "Statements of Account“.