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E-commerce payment collection
service for your online business


Accept your customers payments online

Whichever payment method, or several of them, you decide to install,
we will not apply the agreement fee.

Payments with cards
Payments with internet banks: SEB, Swedbank, Luminor, Citadele, Šiaulių bankas
Payments with PayPal
Payments with Apple Pay

New for business - Apple Pay

Apple Pay – an easy way to accept customer payments online.

  •  No monthly or agreement fee – pay just for accepted transactions 
  • Reduce number of unpaid carts of customers with Apple devices  
  •  Convenient and mobile friendly online payment with card for your customers 
  • Biometric authentication ensures card payment in few seconds 

How to integrate? 

Choose an option based on your e-shop

E-shop by e-commerce platform

If the e-shop is created using an e-commerce platform (e. g., WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento2 (Adobe Commerce), PrestaShop, Voog, ShopRoller, or the latest version of, we will provide you with free plug-ins.

Documents needed

Custom-made store

If your store is custom-made, the integration is easy using a standardised application programming interface (API). 

Documents needed

Mobile app shop

If you have an app shop, the integration is done via SDK applications.

Our solution in e. shops


Additional benefits


The merchant portal

Monitor your customers’ payment status in real time. See their payment history. Make a refund (if a customer pays by card).



A unique link with payment information for individual or subscription orders is generated. You forward the link to your customer. The payment is made.


Technical support

Via phone and email. By our partner EveryPay. In Lithuanian / Latvian / Estonian.


Fraud prevention

Fraud prevention solutions for your store. 

How to start collecting payments in your e-shop?

Contact us and receive a personalised offer in 1 working day.  If you want, we will provide you with access to the DEMO version for your store. 
We can sign the agreement online within 1 working day. Technical integration will take 2 to 20 working days.

  1. Fill the application
  2. Sign an agreement with SEB
  3. Integrate payment solution to your e-shop
  4. Start collecting customer’s payments online

Still not sure about the service?

  • Share your needs in order to find the best personal offer for your business
  • Become more competitive with innovative solutions
  • Our client executives will help you find the right solution and guide you through the implementation process

General information for merchants

The website offering the goods or services must belong to a company that has concluded an agreement with the bank.

  • complete name of the company;
  • registry code;
  • postal address; country of residence;
  • e-mail address;
  • contact phone.
  • Complete list of goods/services – a detailed description of the goods/services; price list
  • Different payment methods are listedDescription and terms and conditions of the purchasing process – must be easily found and unambiguous for the client
  • The description of the terms of the procurement process is easy to find and unambiguous to the customerTotal cost of the order – postal charges and the fee for determining them will be added; reference to possible additional fees, including the obligation of the person who orders to pay possible customs fees and value-added taxes
  • Clearly visible accepted payment card logos (Mastercard, Visa) and secure online payment trademarks (Mastercard Identity Check, Visa Secure)
  • Procedure for handing over / sending the goods
  • Procedure for forwarding data about the order to the client
  • Warranty provisions of the goods; procedure for exchange and return
  • Customer support phone and e-mail address and feedback procedure. Working hours in local time and time zone (GMT +2), e-mail postal address and period for reply
  • The Merchant undertakes to ensure by its own means that the Cardholder's consent to the conditions for the provision of services and / or sale of goods has been obtained prior to the approval of the transaction.
  • The purchase must be on the website specified in the agreement concluded with the bank. It is forbidden to direct customers to websites not specified in the contract, as well as to websites of other sales environments.

This table shows the approximate interchange fees that are paid to issuing banks and scheme fees. Fee amounts are rounded and do not indicate the exact amount of the fee.

Types of payment cards Interchange  Scheme fees
Mastercard debit cards issued by SEB 0,20 % 0,03 %
Mastercard credit cards issued by SEB 0,30 % 0,04 %
Mastercard business cards issued by SEB To 1,5 % 0,04 %
Mastercard brand debit cards issued within EEA* countries 0,20 % 0,04 %
Mastercard brand credit cards issued within EEA* countries 0,30 % 0,04 %
Mastercard brand business cards issued within EEA* countries Confidential Confidential
Visa brand debit cards issued within EEA* countries 0,20 % 0,03 %
Visa brand credit cards issued within EEA* countries 0,30 % 0,03 %
Visa brand business cards issued within EEA* countries Confidential Confidential
Mastercard brand debit cards issued outside EEA*  1,15 % 0,49 %
Mastercard brand credit cards issued outside EEA*  1,50 % 0,49 %
Mastercard brand business cards issued within EEA* countries Confidential Confidential
Visa brand debit cards issued outside EEA* 1,15 % 0,32 %
Visa brand credit cards issued outside EEA* 1,50 % 0,33 %
Visa brand business cards issued outside EEA* Confidential Confidential

* the Card issuing bank established in the European Economic Area

Solution is driven by the best cloud-based payment gateway platform EveryPay
Our e-commerce payment solution is provided in cooperation with EveryPay, a fintech company whose solution has been recognised as the best cloud-based payment by The Paytech Awards 2020.
Get in touch with our technical provider at

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Payment initiation service will allow you to make a payment directly from account in your account servicing payment service provider if your account is accessible online.

Using payment initiation service, you will need to authenticate yourself by providing personalized security credentials according to terms of your account servicing payment service provider. Payment authorization using strong customer authentication mean (Smart-ID, Mobile-ID, ID-card or other two-step authentication device ), provided to you by your credit institution, will be considered as your consent to execute the payment. You are responsible for the consent to the transfer of money. You may not recall your consent given to another payment institution.

SEB bank does not charge any additional fees for the payment initiation service. Payments fees from your account servicing payment service provider are according to your agreement with certain provider.

You will need to consent that your account data such as IBAN, name and currency will be forwarded to SEB bank to initiate payment. SEB bank does not use, access or store any data for purposes other than those necessary to establish a secure connection with your chosen account servicing payment service provider and to provide the payment initiation service.

You can read more about our data processing principles in  SEB’s Terms and Conditions for Processing Personal Data (PDF).

Payment services ensured by AS SEB Bank

Legal entity code: 112021238
Address: Konstitucijos pr. 24, LT–08105 Vilnius, Lietuva

SEB bank operates under the supervision of Lietuvos bankas

Address: Gedimino pr. 6, LT-01103 Vilnius, Lietuva
Phone +370 5 251 2763

Interested in collecting payments in-store?

Accept your customers payments by cards and contactless payments in the way that suits your business model.