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Cross-border payment


You can transfer funds in the required foreign currency to another account opened with a bank that operates abroad. International transfers are available online or at a bank branch of your choice.

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To choose the best way to transfer your money cross-border, consider the destination country, the currency and how fast you need your funds transferred.

This method is used to transfer funds in different currencies to just about all countries in the world. The transfer is performed via correspondent accounts opened with correspondent banks, therefore you have to specify the details of your selected correspondent bank as well as the beneficiary’s account number and the bank’s BIC code.

Main features

  • Money can be transferred to most of the banks worldwide
  • The money transfer can be standard, urgent and express (the duration depends on the currency, the location of the remitter's bank and the time of filing the order)
  • The cost of transfer can be covered entirely by the payer (OUR) or the payer pays SEB Bank commission fees and the payee pays other bank commission fees (SHA)
Duration of transfer and charges

This money transfer includes:

  • all transfers in foreign currency (other than in euro) to other Lithuanian-registered banks or other countries
  • transfers in euro to banks registered in other countries, with the exception of the European Union, the European Economic Area countries, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino and Andorra
  • money transfers in all currencies if the payee's or payer's account number is not in the IBAN format

How to transfer funds?

The most convenient way to transfer money in a foreign currency is via the internet bank:

  • Log in to the internet bank, select “Payments” → “New payment”, complete the required fields of the payment order and confirm the transaction

If you are unable to make the transfer in the internet bank, you can book a meeting at any branch of SEB. Remember to take your personal identity document and fill in the required payment order:

Cross-border Payment Order (PDF)

Receiving funds

If funds are transferred to you from an account opened with another bank operating abroad, it will be credited to your account on the same day it reaches the SEB. The funds received from another bank after 5.00 p.m. may be credited to the payee's account on the next business day.

Restrictions in executing payments

Restrictions in making and receiving US dollar payments

SEB bank provides US dollar payment service only to persons and companies that have indicated their place of residence or company registration in Lithuania. SEB will not be able to make payments in US dollars to other customers due to restrictions imposed by intermediary banks.

For your convenience, we advise you to make money transfers or receive incoming payments in SEB in euros or to execute payment orders in US dollars through a bank in the country of your residence or company registration.