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How to transfer wages online

  1. Login to SEB‘s Internet Bank and submit the required data of consolidated payments. You may do it in two ways:


    1.Upload the payment order in the XML format file ISO20022 by selecting menu item ‘’Payments’’ →’’Import XML

    2.Fill out the specified form by selecting menu item ‘’Payments’’ → ‘’ Consolidated payments’’

  2. After submitting the required data, you will be able to perform the following actions:
  • change the initial data in the payment order. Note! The specified general payment description will be transmitted to all creditors
  • review the payment data (total number of creditors and amount)
  • change creditors’ data
  • add or delete additional entries
  • save the payment order and continue the work later
  • confirm the payment order
  1. In menu item ’’Payments’’ → ‘For authorization’’ all consolidated payments created by you will be displayed (submitted after filling out the form and uploaded). You will be able to perform the additional actions:
    Additional actions can be made (only for the persons entitled to submit the consolidated payments):
  • review the main data
  • change data in the created payment order
  • sign the created payment order
  • delete the payment order from the list
  1. After confirmation You may review the executed payment order in an extract from the statement of account (‘’Accounts/Cards’’→ ‘’Account statement’’ – it will be displayed as one transaction.


Other important information

A deferred payment order may be submitted – you may select a future execution date (up to 360 days) of the payment order in the payment order execution field.

If on the date of execution of the payment order, the account balance is insufficient, the consolidated payment will not be executed and the payment order will be rejected.