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Account Information Service

  • Review all current accounts and balances thereof
  • Review the list of transactions for the recent 90 days

About the service

Linking your current account at the other bank to the SEB Internet Bank, you will be able to see the below information of the current account:

  • account number (IBAN)
  • account balance
  • list of transactions within the recent 90 days.

To use the service, you may reach the current account at the other payment service provider (account manager) via its Internet Bank.

How to activate the service

Start using the Account Information Service

To start linking your current account (opened at the other bank) in the SEB Internet Bank, all actions to be taken by you will appear on the screen step-by-step, therefore you will complete the current account linking process easily and conveniently. In the mobile app you can add the current account at the other bank by entering the full version of the Internet Bank from the menu (see icon on the top-right).

Third party consents

Security is an important concern regarding the Account Information Service, so we wish to emphasize that your data is protected and account information will only be given if you have provided the respective consent.

Frequently asked questions

No, your consent to view the account balances at other banks will be valid for 90 days. After expiry of the above term, the customers have a possibility to extend the term of their consent or to revoke it anytime.

Yes. Currently, you may add your accounts to the list of aggregated accounts at such banks as Swedbank, Citadelė and LHV operating Lithuania and other Baltic countries. The recent list of the supported banks is always available on SEB Internet Bank.

Currently, you may view your accounts at other banks, check account balances at other banks in real time, find the list of payments and other transactions related to added accounts within the recent 90 days. Currently, we do not offer the payment initiation service from other banks, however we also have plans to offer it in future.

Yes, you will view your account balances in real-time.

No, the service is free of charge.

The General Service Rules of SEB bankas establish that you are not allowed to add corporate customer accounts to the private customer’s Internet Bank profile.

Currently, as a private individual, you may add your individual accounts at other banks to the list in  your Internet Bank profile, however as a corporate customer, you are not allowed to add your corporate accounts at other banks to this list in your Internet Bank profile.

No, the customers will be able to add the selected number of other bank accounts and view thereof on their Internet Bank profile, whereas the number of accounts is unlimited.

Currently, you will not have a possibility to view other bank accounts by using mobile app, however you will be able to view them, if you log in to the SEB Internet Bank using your mobile phone (the Internet Bank mobile version).