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SEB Baltic Gateway


Fast and secure financial data exchange with SEB

SEB Baltic Gateway is a solution (application programming interface; API) for direct connection and data exchange between the bank and accounting or any other type of software. This allows your company to use banking services conveniently from your own software and automate accounting operations.

Connect your accounting software directly with SEB
Exchange data securely in real time
Automatically receive information about transactions in your SEB’s account and in other Baltic banks
Discover new ways how to make your business processes more efficient

SEB Baltic Gateway possibilities

Available services for the operator channel depend on your accounting software provider, while with direct integration you can connect any service which you need.

Statements and reports

  • Account statements:  for previous day and for any period in past 2 years
  • Account intraday reports: get transactions throughout the day for near-real-time view of your account
  • Account information from other banks: receive transactions and balance from your company’s accounts opened in other banks (currently enabled for: SEB, Swedbank and Luminor in the Baltics, LHV in Estonia)
  • POS terminal reports: card payments data if you have card merchant agreement

Payment features

  • Payment import: send payment orders for confirmation in business internet bank
  • Payment initiation: send digitally signed payment orders for immediate execution and get processing statuses. All types of payments and different features are supported, like consolidated payment.
  • E-Signing service for easier digital signature creation needed for payment initiation

Other services

  • E-invoice forward: send e-invoices to your customers and receive reports about concluded applications.

Choose a suitable usage model for your business needs

Two usage models are supported, you can either connect through supported operator or develop a direct integration.

Operator channel

Easy and cost-efficient way to use services in case you are working with an accounting software which is already connected with SEB as an operator:

SEB Baltic Gateway operator's logos

Using basic services via operator channel is free of charge for a customer with service plan.

How to get started 

  1. CEO of the company needs to sign the agreement in internet bank
  2. After signing the agreement, SEB will activate the services within 1 working day.
  3. Activate the service in accounting software or notify your operator about agreement with SEB.

Direct channel 

In case you prefer to connect your software directly with the bank, we offer an option for custom-built service usage. Review the services and consult with your IT provider regarding the integration with our APIs.

How to get started 

  1. Develop and test your technical solution
  2. Call us by phone +370 5 268 2822 for SEB Baltic Gateway agreement by contacting us
  3. Services will be activated after an agreement is signed

Need an advice?

Please contact us at  +370 5 268 2822 (I–V 8.00–17.00) or

Technical requirements for direct integration

To use the APIs via direct channel, your company needs to correspond to the principles and requirements established in the technical specification:

  • develop and maintain software that would enable functional and secure data exchange with SEB and usage of the messages in correct formats
  • be able to create a valid electronic signature or e-seal in the case of services which require additional confirmation (for example payment initiation)
  • obtain certificate for authentication from SEB to enable authenticated and secure connection
  • ensure the security of the private key related to the certificate for authentication, software and related systems which are used for exchanging the messages, as well as the integrity and confidentiality of the exchanged data

SEB Baltic Gateway technical specification (PDF)

More details about the technical requirements can be found in SEB developer portal.


Prices and conditions

Service / Transaction

Service charge 1
Direct channel
Signing fee EUR 50 
Account statements (except intraday), POS reports EUR 10 per month 
Intraday reports (real-time account information) EUR 25 per month 
Payment initiation and / or e-invoices forwarding EUR 25 per month 
Other banks account information EUR 10 per month
E-signing EUR 0.10 per signature
Operator's channel
Signing fee EUR 0

Basic services2
- Account statements
- Intraday reports (real-time account information)
- Payment initiation
- POS reports
- Other banks account information

EUR 5 per month
E-invoices forwarding EUR 10 per month
E-signing EUR 0.10 per signature
Operator's fees
Signing fee EUR 50
Monthly fee As individually agreed

1 Total monthly fee depends on which services are selected in the agreement.
2 The fee does not apply to customers who are using business service plans.