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Manage the finances of all of your companies with convenience

  • To access the service, you need to sign just one agreement on electronic services with the bank
  • You can view the financial information of all the accounts of the group operating in the Baltic States and manage accounts with convenience

Baltic Online


About the service

The service conforms to ISO20022, which means that the structure of account statements and payment orders will not only be the same across the Baltic countries, but will also conform to the standards for these files in other EU Member States.


With Baltic Online you can:

  • View and manage the accounts of all of your companies, including daughter companies, with the SEB Bank in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in real time using a single system
  • Exchange currency at aligned rate from accounts in Latvia and Lithuania
  • Change the rights of the users of the banking web site to manage any of the accounts used in the Baltic States and the limits of these accounts


Service / Transaction Service charge
Set-up fee EUR 14.48
Monthly account management fee*:
if accounts are managed in Latvia or Estonia EUR 10.14
if accounts are managed in Latvia and Estonia EUR 14.48
Fee for amending terms and conditions of a Baltic Online agreement EUR 10.14

* Both services – statement of account issuance and payment transaction (irrespective of the number of accounts) are subject to a new fee.

Charges for this service apply to companies which have signed a Baltic Online service agreement with SEB and can view the accounts of their affiliates by logging in to the SEB online banking site.

Commission for fulfilment of payment orders is charged by the bank which keeps the respective account of the company from which funds are being transferred. For instance, when funds are transferred from an affiliate’s account with the Latvian SEB, the bank will debit the commission from the account from which the funds are being transferred.

If you are interested in this service and would like to manage the accounts of your companies located in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia from our banking web site, please contact your client executive at the SEB Bank or call us at +370 5 268 2822.