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E-documents portal

  • Signing agreements and applications in a digital environment
  • Submitting e-documents to the bank in a convenient way
  • Monitoring the status of e-documents
  • Archiving the signed e-documents and accessing them by the internet bank admin


Agreements, applications, as well as other documents can be signed and submitted to the bank electronically, with no need to visit the bank branch. E-document signing portal is convenient, secure, and easy to use.

Frequently signed e-documents:

  • Business loan agreements
  • Leasing agreements
  • Payment collection agreements (POS, e-commerce)
  • Trade financing-related documents


In the e-document signing section of the internet bank (“Additional services ” → “E-documents”) you can:

  • View and sign e-documents
  • Upload an e-document to send it to the bank for processing
  • Find all previously signed e-documents in the archive (if you have admin role on the business internet bank)

Signing agreements online will:

  • Save you time of travelling to the branch
  • Help process documents faster
  • Store the documents in a single secure environment

Where can I find the business e-documents?


  1. Login to internet bank for business.

  2. On the menu, select “Additional services ” → “E-documents”.

How to view signed documents?


  1. Select “E-documents” and open “Archived documents” (you need to have an admin role in the business internet bank).

  2. Look for the document you need and click on it.

  3. You can open the document as a PDF (without signatures), or you can download the e-document with signatures.