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Video consultation for business

It is not always necessary to visit a bank branch, as you can take care of your business and financial matters via a video meeting wherever you are. This convenient option saves your valuable time.


Take care of your banking via a video meeting

  • Open a business customer account
  • Get advice on the most suitable solutions for your business (loans, leasing, payment solutions and others)
  • Conclude and change banking services agreements
  • Receive advice on how to set or adjust the rights and transaction limits

For a video consultation you will need

  • Certified login tool (qualified Smart-ID or mobile signature)

  • Web camera and microphone

  • The latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari web browsers

  • PC with Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system*

    *Using other operating systems or their versions may cause technical problems during the consultation

How to start video consultation?

Register for a video consultation and choose a time that suits you

Get your confirmation letter (submit additional documents if needed)

Join the meeting at the reserved time here