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Cash management services


Cash management services are a safe and convenient way to deposit cash into a company's account or receive it using the services of cash management companies.


  • Secure cash deposit
  • Cheaper option for managing cash
  • Effective time planning

About the service

If you would like to use cash delivery or collection services, you should sign a cash delivery or collection agreement with a cash management company.
We cooperate with the following cash management service providers:

  • UAB Eurocash1
  • UAB Brink's Lithuania

Use the contact details provided for more information.

UAB Eurocash1
UAB Brink's Lithuania

Sales and fund management specialist
Andželika Jauniškienė

Tel. +370 5 274 46 22 or +370 686 84 685


Sales and customer service manager
Rolandas Germanas

Tel. +370 5 2780136 or +370 612 22 634


Cash delivery

  1. Sign an agreement with a cash management service provider.
  2. Once you complete the cash order form, the delivered amount will be debited from your account.
  3. The cash is prepared for dispatch.
  4. Your cash management service provider will deliver the amount of money you ordered to the agreed location at the agreed time.

Cash collection

  1. Sign an agreement with a cash management service provider.
  2. After completing the cash collection request, prepare the cash for transportation and hand it over to your service provider.
  3. The cash will be recounted and validated.
  4. The collected amount will be credited to your account.

You will agree with your service provider on the exact procedure for providing the service as well as on the methods and deadlines for submitting requests.