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The art of catching the opportunity

Saving and investing

Opportunities are always out there to help you use your company's free assets more efficiently and save money for existing needs or set aside some more for future projects. Develop your business using these opportunities.

Come for a consultation and we'll help you choose the option of saving and invesment which is right for you.

  • Term deposit

    Term deposit

    You can transfer the desired amount of money to the bank for a chosen term in exchange for defined interest. It can be paid out or added to the deposit each month or on maturity.

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  • Bonds


    Debt securities whose issuers (governments, financial institutions or businesses) make a commitment to investors to repay the face value of bonds and pay interest on the set date.

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  • Lithuanian Government Saving Notes

    Lithuanian Government Saving Notes

    By issuing these debt securities the Government of the Republic of Lithuania undertakes to repay you the invested assets and to pay out accrued interest on the redemption date.

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  • Structured investment instruments

    Structured investment instruments

    Structured investment instruments enable you to invest in markets where direct investments appear to be tricky for small investors.

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  • Investment funds

    Investment funds

    Investments in these funds are managed by a management company, which invests your assets based on a defined strategy and in line with the established procedure and terms. Funds invest in portfolios rather than in individual securities, so the value of a singe security does not determine the end results.

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  • Exchange traded funds

    Exchange traded funds

    Exchange-traded funds are gaining popularity. They provide the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of securities and to choose the geographic region and the economic sector. Units of these funds are traded on the exchange as corporate shares.

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  • Shares


    Shares are equity securities providing its owner/shareholder with a certain right to receive part of the profit of the company (e.g. dividends) and to participate in corporate management.

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  • Online investing

    Online investing

    The Bank’s securities trading web site enables you to trade on the stock exchanges of the Baltic States, Northern and Western Europe, the USA and other countries. Handy and convenient.  

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We recommend that before you sign any financial service agreement you read the service terms carefully and consult the staff of the bank if you need to.

This is promotional information about the saving and investing services available from SEB Bank. It cannot be construed as a personal recommendation, order or invitation to buy or sell specific financial instruments and may not constitute any basis or part of any subsequent transaction. Although the content is based on sources deemed to be reliable, SEB Bank cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or losses which may be incurred when investments are made relying on such information.

Before you decide to invest in specific financial instruments, you must, either yourself or with help from our consultants, take due account of the fact that your investments may fall in value due to inflation, changes in market interest rates or certain events beyond the control of SEB Bank. If you invest in financial instruments denominated in foreign currencies, changes in the exchange rate may affect the return on investment.

You are responsible for your investment decisions. Therefore, before you make a decision to invest you must, either yourself or with help from our consultants, consider whether these risks are acceptable. For advice please visit a SEB bank unit of your choice or call our private customer information line +370 5 268 2800 or business customer information line +370 5 268 2822.

Please note that the services described here are not intended for investors within the jurisdiction other than that of SEB bank units providing these services and investment opportunities, authorisation to invest and investing in locations of certain jurisdictions, including the United States of America, Canada, Japan and Australia, may be unlawful. SEB bank may not advise on investment issues, promote investments, solicit or offer investments where any such may be unlawful. If you live or read information on this website at a location within the jurisdiction other than the one of the SEB bank unit which provides this information, you are responsible for compliance with the laws and other legal acts which may be applicable to you. If you need more information, please contact your SEB bank account manager or any SEB bank unit.


Protection of investors

Please read information on how we provide services once you decide to save or invest and what protection you get.


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