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Certificate to a client’s auditor

Certificate to a client’s auditor is issued to the auditor for the purpose of auditing the accounts of a company. A certificate is prepared on a template approved by the bank and includes information about agreements concluded between the client and the SEB as at the desired date.


How to request for audit information?

A request for certificate can be submitted to the bank by a authorized representative of the company by:

  1. Filling the form in the SEB Internet Bank for Business: Applications → Reference request and choosing Reference to a customer’s auditor as type of reference

  2. Submitting an application at a bank branch

How the information will be issued?

The Certificate to a customer’s auditor will be sent to provided auditor as soon as possible, however no later than within 10 business days.

The sample certificate for audit information

Services Charges
Issuance of a certified document copy EUR 1.45 (per page)
Identification of the customer's representative in other SEB banks in Latvia and / or Estonia1 EUR 150 + VAT
Bank certification, letters and other endorsement
Standard certificate on a bank account balances, existence as the bank customer, closing of accounts (in Lithuanian or in English) EUR 10.00
Non-standard certificate on term deposits, securities, restrictions, liabilities etc. (in Lithuanian or in English) upon the agreement, min EUR 30.00
Issuing a certificate to a customer’s auditor EUR 40.00
Bank certification on funds with the cumulative account free of charge
Customer requisites endorsement EUR 5.00
Debit of funds (without customer‘s consent) initiated by special order received from the PLAIS2
Fee applied to the customer whose account is debited EUR 1

A fee is charged for the identification of each representative.
PLAIS – Funds limitation information system administrated by SE Centre of Registers (VĮ „Registrų centras“).