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All the necessary daily banking services with one solution


Enable your company’s daily banking services for a single monthly fee

Current accounts

Payments in EUR within SEB and European Union

Mastercard Business bank cards

Started your business in previous 12 months?

Don’t pay for your service plan for 12 months*


  • Free European and Intrabank payments
  • Current accounts without a monthly fee 
  • Debit cards  („Mastercard Business“) without a monthly fee 
  • Free sending a new / renewed / replaced Mastercard Business debit card to client by regular post in Lithuania
  • Beneficial conditions for using payment terminals in your point of sale or for delivery needs

*The offer is valid for companies established during the previous 12 months by opening current account with SEB .


  • In total 5 free European and Intrabank payments
  • 1 Mastercard Business debit card


€ 7/m

  • In total 10 free European and Intrabank payments
  • 1 Mastercard Business debit card



  • In total 20 free European and Intrabank payments
  • 2 Mastercard Business debit cards



  • In total 50 free European and Intrabank payments
  • 2 Mastercard Business debit cards



  • In total 100 free European and Intrabank payments
  • 3 Mastercard Business debit cards


All plans include All plans include

Current accounts with zero monthly fee (usually – 3.30 euros per account)
Certain amount of free payments to SEB accounts (usually – 0.29 euros)
Save on commissions with certain amount of free European payments (usually – 0.41 euros)
Free use of Mastercard Business bank cards (usually – 2.50 euros)
Free solution for direct bank and accounting software connection and data exchange via Baltic Gateway (usually – 5 euros)
A special offer price if you are already using some of our banking services

Compare and choose the plans in one place

  • Monthly fee comparison
  • Special offer price
  • View full list of services included

Important to know

  • The number of free payments and the plan fees are calculated on the basis of calendar months. The concluding fee is debited on the day following the conclusion of the agreement, and the monthly fee is debited on the 4th day of each month. We recommend subscribing to the service plan at the beginning of a month in order to take advantage of the service plan from the start
  • To change the service plan, in business internet bank select the new plan and click the ‘Subscribe’ button. Thereby, the current service plan will remain valid until the end of the current month, and the new plan will take effect from the first day of the following month. There will be no concluding fee for changing the service plan
  • To cancel the service plan, in business internet bank click the ‘Terminate plan’ button. You may conclude a new agreement next month if you cancel the plan immediately, otherwise – 2 months after the termination date
  • To change your service fee account, in business internet bank click the ‘Change conditions’ button

Frequently asked questions

The service plan can be ordered by authorized person to order services in the internet bank agreement signed between the company and the bank or by the head of the company or his authorised person in the branch.

Without extra charge you can make the defined number of online transfers (for plans other than STARTAS), while any surplus is subject to the standard fees from the bank’s price list.

  • The agreement takes effect on the date when it is signed by both parties, i.e. you and the bank. The plan may take effect immediately or from the beginning of the following month.
  • If the agreement is made online, it takes effect on the date when you log in to the internet bank and confirm the fact of making the agreement.
  • The service plan is valid until the agreement is terminated.

To change the plan, log into the internet bank. Once the plan has been changed, a new agreement is signed which will valid from the following month. After a new agreement is signed, the terms and rates defined in it start to apply. If you would like to change the service plan STARTAS, you must first terminate it and order the following one only after confirmation of the termination of the service plan STARTAS.

You can cancel the agreement anytime by logging into the internet bank.

The service is available only to resident customers. Any legal person having its registered office outside Lithuania is classified as a non-resident customer.

Special service plan conclusion and monthly fees apply when a customer uses one or more of the following banking services: business credit, account overdraft limit, factoring, card acquiring service POS terminal (using card readers), non-cash settlement via the Internet service (Bank Link), and guarantee. If a customer uses less than one of the above-listed services, standard service plan fees are applied.