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Rates and basic terms of business service plans


New agreements are no longer concluded from 9 April 2024

Service name Standard fees Service plan XS Service plan S Service plan M Service plan L Service plan XL

Concluding, monthly fee

- 4.50 euros 7 euros 12 euros 20 euros 35 euros

Concluding, monthly fee in case of special offer1

- - 5.50 euros 9.50 euros 16 euros 28 euros

Transfers online:
- Intra-bank payments in all currencies
Payment to other customer's account within SEB Bank
- Money transfer according to bill or tax payment
- One-off e-invoice payment
- European payments2:
Instant payment3
SEPA payment 4, 5

0.33 euros 5 transfers 10 transfers 20 transfers 50 transfers 100 transfers

Minimum bank service fee6

4.30 euros per month for every bank account
(all accounts)

(all accounts)

(all accounts)

(all accounts)

(all accounts)

Mastercard Business debit card(s)7

2.50 euros per month 1 card 1 card 2 cards 2 cards 3 cards

Salary (consolidated) payment within SEB bank

1.50 euros 1.50 euros 1.50 euros 1.50 euros 1.50 euros 1.50 euros

Salary (consolidated) payment to any bank registered in Lithuania, the European Union and the European Economic Area countries, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino and Andorra

0.33 euros 0.41 euros 0.41 euros 0.41 euros 0.41 euros 0.41 euros

At shops with cash-disbursing functionality: if your card payment amount is at least 5 euros, you can withdraw from 5 to 100 euros in cash at the cash counter free of charge

Fee does not apply for SEB Baltic Gateway basic services in operator's channel8

5 euros / month

The service is available to resident customers. Any legal person having its registered office outside Lithuania is classified as a non-resident customer.

Special offer for service plan conclusion and monthly fees apply when a customer uses one or more of the following banking services: business credit, account overdraft limit, factoring, card acquiring service (using card readers), non-cash settlement via the Internet service (Bank Link), or guarantee. If a customer does not use any of the above-listed services, standard service plan fees are applied.
This payment includes transfers in euro to other banks registered in Lithuania, the European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino, Andorra and the European Economic Area countries – Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein. The payment order must bear the payee’s IBAN format account.
Funds according to an instant payment order will be transferred immediately twenty-four hours a day during the entire year. If the sum of the euro payment order is under 15,000 euros and the bank of the beneficiary has joined the instant payment system, the transfer will be made automatically as an instant payment.
Funds according to a SEPA payment order are transferred on the same day, if the payment order is given on a banking day before 4:00 p.m.
Funds are transferred every day except weekends and international holidays: New Year's Day (January 1st), Easter Good Friday, Easter Monday, Labour Day (May 1st), First and Second day of Christmas (December 25th- 26th). If a payment order is given after 4:00 pm on a working day, on weekends or on international holidays, the funds are transferred on the next banking day. The time of crediting the payee’s account depends on the payee’s bank.
Minimum bank service fee includes bank account administration, opening, handling, closing and account crediting in euros from other Lithuanian-registered banks or the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, Monaco, Great Britain, San Marino and Andorra.
No monthly fees of the oldest debit cards apply.
For more information about SEB Baltic Gateway service please check bank‘s webpage.

Please note:

  • Fees for the services included in the service plan are not subject to any other discounts, offers or individual rates.
  • Services are available if the bank is allowed to provide the service to the customers according to the law and internal regulations of the bank.