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  • Cover unexpected expenses and increase cash flow
  • Use credit for you own discretion
  • Account is balanced with incoming payments

Up to 1 year

Agreement term

Starting from 3000 euros

Financing limit


  • Pledged property which you purchase or renew with the loan.
  • Immovable and movable property, surety and securities as additional guarantee.

Required documents


Service Charge
Annual interest rate as agreed
Overdraft administration fee for:
  • overdraft granting
  • overdraft maturity extension
  • increase in the overdraft1

The fee is calculated of increase in the overdraft.

from 0.6 per cent of the overdraft amount,
min EUR 500.00
Credit project analysis and assessment, the bank certification or approval issuance 50 per cent administration fee, however, no less than EUR 300.00. Upon entering into a credit agreement it is included into a relevant administration fee
Funds reservation fee annual interest from 0.7 per cent on unutilised portion of the account overdraft limit
Amendment of the overdraft agreement terms (fee is not applied in the event of overdraft maturity extension or increase in the limit) as agreed, min EUR 500.00
Uninsured Collateral Administration Fee (applied if a collateral is a residential real estate object) EUR 20.00 per month
The fee is charged if the collateral is not insured for more than 30 days

1 The fee is calculated of increase in the overdraft amount.

Simple to apply

Send us the filled application

We will contact you with proposal or additional questions

After a positive decision, sign the agreement

Options to finance your business’ purchases

Working capital loan

For covering temporary shortage of working capital or expenses.


Change your invoices into cash flow. Offer extended payment terms to your clients, without reducing your working capital or sales volume.

Financing investments

Financing to support your business growth and bigger projects.

Want to make sure you find a suitable solution?

  • Our client executives will help you find the most suitable financing solution for your business
  • We have a dedicated team of professionals you can trust