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Commercial vehicle leasing

  • Cargo trucks, trailers and specialised transport
  • Buses, minibuses
  • Other commercial vehicles
  • New and used vehicles

10 000 EUR

Minimum asset price

Up to

7 years

Lease term

Starting from


Down payment

Calculate the best deal for you

The amounts calculated using the calculator are informative.

Interest rate – a variable interest rate, assuming that it will not change throughout the duration of the Agreement.

Residual value – with operating leasing the value of the car at which the seller agrees to repurchase it at the end of the term of the agreement. An agreement for the terms of repurchase is signed with the seller.

Annual interest rate (AIR) – the total costs of the loan expressed as a percentage of the loan principal granted to you.

Simple to apply

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We will send you an offer in 1-2 working days

After a positive decision, sign the agreement

Insurance for your

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Car leasing

  • New and used cars
  • Small commercial vehicles

Equipment leasing

  • Construction equipment
  • Forestry and wood processing equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Different industrial equipment

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