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Youth offering

If you wish to control your everyday purchases more easily and start making savings without even noticing it, use our offer for 19 to 25 year old customers.


Service plan JAUNIMAS

At 0.50 EUR/month

  • You will have a free contactless card and a bank account
  • You will be able to make an unlimited number of money transfers
  • Whenever needed, you will be able to withdraw cash at an ATM anywhere around the world

Don't have an account in SEB?

Become a customer in the most convenient way to you.

Mobile app

  • Access using a fingerprint, face recognition function, or PIN code
  • Fast money transfer
  • Convenient viewing the account balance
  • Control of payment card functions

Google Play link
App Store Link

Digital coin jar

A modern coin jar in which savings grow steadily, free of charge and without you even noticing it

  • We will round up your payments made with debit card to the next full euro, and transfer the difference between rounded and paid sum to your savings deposit
  • You can manually transfer more money to savings deposit and withdraw money from it
  • Set your savings goal and personalise it in the mobile app

Are you wondering how to use money wisely?

Follow seb.lietuvoje on Instagram and learn how to get more out of your money.

Turning 18?

Congratulations with stepping into new era. Watch the video and find out your new possibilities, actions that has to be taken and responsibilities.

Next steps

  1. You have to renew your personal data in IB


  1. Your accounts are no longer linked with your parents/ guardians
  2. You can now start using saving tools in SEB APP
  3. In internet bank you can open more current accounts, apply for cards, loans, investments and more.

Turning 19?

  1. Junior plan has ended, so to continue saving, you have to apply for the special Youth Plan
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