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  • Almost 90% of our services can be applied for and received via our digital channels 
  • You can become an SEB customer in two ways – via mobile app or at the bank branch
  • If an action requires a visit to a branch, please book the time at the suitable office and bring mandatory documents with you
  • Want to get advice on a mortgage loan? Register for an online video meeting.

We would like to inform you that pursuant to Government Resolution No. 152, from 13 September 2013,  the bank branch we will be able to render services only to customers who have a National Certificate or a relevant document.


We will be able to serve customers without a National Certificate for up to 15 minutes in the bank branch regarding main services such as providing access to the Internet Bank or remote bank consultation, issuing a payment card, completing a form of a natural or legal person, and transferring money from their bank account.


* The branch in Kaunas Mega will only be able to render services to customers with a National Certificate or a relevant document. If you are registering for a new or renewed card at this branch, please call: for private customers +370 5 268 2800, for business customers +370 5 268 2822.