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Code calculator, Electronic/Mobile signature


Electronic / Mobile signature

If you are willing to use an electronic/mobile signature, you need to sign an Electronic Service Agreement and visit your mobile communication operator’s branch. You will need to submit your password or your personal identity card.

The electronic/mobile signature is an electronic equivalent of a personal ID document (e.g. passport) or regular signature, which is created using secure electronic signature tools for identification purposes and for confirmation of authenticity of the signed documents.

The electronic signature guarantees a secure, fast and convenient:

  • login to the Internet Bank
  • confirmation of any payment transactions and documents submitted to the bank
  • confirmation of your identity in electronic systems of  other financial services providers, telecommunication companies and government institutions (the State Social Insurance Fund Board, Centre of Registers, State Tax Inspectorate, etc.).

If you are a user of the Internet Bank:

  1. login to the Internet Bank with the password card or with the Digipass
  2. select Settings  → E. / M. signature from the top menu
  3. specify the electronic signature tool to be used from this date
  4. finish your work session with the Internet Bank and login again with the electronic signature tool.


Digipass is protected with a PIN code that is known only to you. When you log in to the Internet Bank, the password generator every time will create a new password. It is a very handy and small (4.5 X 7 X 1 cm) device, the size of a key ring.


How to activate the digipass?

If you switch the generator for the first time, you will be required to enter a NEW PIN and 5 dashes will appear on the screen.

  1. Create and enter a 5-digit passcode (a PIN code).
  2. When a message PIN CONFIRM appears on the screen, enter the same 5-digit passcode again.
  3. When a message NEW PIN CONFIRM appears on the screen, the generator is ready for work.

It will be your generator PIN code — you will have to enter it every time when connecting to the Internet Bank. If you enter a correct PIN, 7 dashes will appear on the screen.

How to log in to the Internet Bank?

  1. Open the Internet Bank website
  2. Enter your identification code and click Continue.
  3. Enter the password created by you in the password field.
  4. Switch on the generator by clicking on ◄ button  and enter the generator PIN code— 7 dashes will appear on the screen.
  5. Enter the code in the generator that appears on the registration window of the bank website.
  6. You will see a code on the generator screen to be entered in the Internet Bank field password generator’s response, and click Log in.