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IT: Core Banking Solutions

Empowering SEB customers to conduct business in an efficient and aligned way.

  • Savings & Investments 

    This area covers infrastructure and support to custody-related business of financial institutions, large corporates and private individual customers. These solutions include developing and maintaining Trustee systems, SEB custody portal, Central Custody warehouse and more.

  • Financing & Loans

    The team supports a set of solutions to provide end-to-end leasing, bank loans and mortgage services to various customer segments, sustain Credit processes and help our Receivable Financing customers monitor and manage their receivable financing arrangements with SEB.

  • Cash Management 

    Cash Management provides solutions for clients to perform payments and manage their liquidity in their preferred way, covering all segments, from corporate and financial institutions to private individuals, as well as the newest addition of Open Banking API channel based on PSD2 regulation.


Job opportunities

Qualities we value

  • Adaptability
    to change

  • Interest in

  • Curiosity of banking
    products & processes

  • Passion for

  • Drive for architectural transformation

  • Ambition to



  • Credit process tribe Phoenix

    Flexibility, collaboration and comfort in a multicultural environment – all of these skills are important in a dynamic working environment, and all of them describe being a part of the Phoenix credit process tribe, which one of our delivery teams proudly belongs to. This new way of working allows all members of the tribe to work in different locations and programming languages and do that in an aligned way.

  • EU Open Banking initiative

    An important step in the digital agenda of the European Union is harmonisation of different markets within the region to provide equal conditions. The new regulation encourages new players to enter the market by mandating banks to open up to external parties. Being a part of the PSD2 mission, we are helping to make payments safer, increase consumer protection and foster innovation and healthy competition.

  • Markets in Financial Instruments Directive MiFID II

    Our job includes following the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, or MiFID II, which is designed to offer greater protection for investors and inject more transparency into all asset classes, from equities to fixed income and more. The top goals of MiFID II are increased transparency, a shift towards more structured marketplaces, lower cost market data, improved execution, orderly trading behaviour and transparent costs.


Technologies and tools we use

  • Programming – JAVA, .NET.
    Build – SEBShift, Maven, GitHub.
    APIs – REST, GraphQL, API, Gateway.
    CI/CD – Jenkins, Gradle, Bash, SonarQube.

  • Data Bases – MS SQL, REDIS, Oracle.
    Architecture – Micro-services, Pub/Sub (Kafka).
    Shells&Microsites – NodeJS, Angular, React.
    Test Automation – Cucumber, WireMock, JMeter, ReadyAPI, Postman.


Junior Solution Developer
I could say that working at SEB Global Services is my dream job – I wanted to be a programmer since high school. Learning new techniques, having the possibility to discuss latest technology or hardware topics with experienced colleagues and gaining knowledge from mistakes are the things that excite me working here. My advice for anyone, who would like to join SEB Global Services team would be to leave self-doubt behind and apply – we all start as novices and improve along the way.
Junior Solution Developer

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Attention! Your web browser does not correspond to the requirements needed to visit SEB website. Please change web browser or device that you use for browsing the site.