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Agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery leasing

  • Tractors
  • Combines
  • New and used agricultural equipment

10 000 EUR

Minimum asset price

Up to

5 years

Lease term

Starting from


Down payment

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Simple to apply

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We will send you an offer in 1- 2 working days

After a positive decision, sign the agreement

Insurance for your assurance

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Price list

Fees for arranging documentation of a lease agreement
Leasing agreement fee 1% of the asset value, but not less than EUR 200
Additional fee for drawing up an agreement (finance lease, operating lease, purchase and sale, repurchase, etc.) in the English language. 150 Eur
Change of the debt roll-over agreement / leasing agreement term 1% of the outstanding asset value, but not less than EUR 200
Agreement amendment or payment schedule change at the customer’s initiative fee or resumption of an agreement EUR 100.00
Change of the leasing payments date EUR 30
Agreement termination and sale of assets fees in the event of termination or expiry of a finance lease or an operational lease agreement
Agreement termination fee 1.5 per cent of the residual value, but not less than EUR 150
Sale of assets to the lessee (in case termination or expiry of an operating lease agreement) EUR 400
Sale of assets to the repurchase entity (in case of termination of an operating lease or a finance lease agreement) EUR 400
Sale of assets to a third party in Lithuania 1.5 per cent of the residual value, but not less than EUR  500
Sale of assets to a third party outside Lithuania or sale of assets in case of complete damage 1.5 per cent of the residual value, but not less than EUR  600
Certificate issue and other fees
Drawing up of additional documents (sublease, lease, access and other consents, official letters, authorisations, document copies, statements of annual turnover,  etc.) or reissue of previously drawn up documents at customer’s request EUR 20.00
Handling of administrative penalty documents as well as other documents received in customer’s name EUR 10 per each document received
  • International money transfer charges if payment for the customer’s property is being made: to another country; in a foreign currency to another bank in Lithuania; under an urgent payment order
  • Real estate tax
  • Guarantees
  • Mortgage fees (including when a car is pledged)
compensated by the customer

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