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SEB Bank building

Create your success story with SEB


SEB has had a history of attracting proactive and entrepreneurial personalities from it’s very beginning in 1856, back when the bank was founded by the Wallenberg family. To this day, over 16 thousands of employees continue to grow and perfect their skills in advanced international and local learning programs. 

As long as you have ambition, we have the tools to help you achieve it.

Be at the forefront of important events

We are moved by innovation and digital solutions that simplify the lives of our customers. Constantly searching for ways to improve our processes help us to be ready for upcoming challenges and quickly respond to customers and employees needs.

Create a better future

We strive to create a better world together because we believe that only by helping others, we can help ourselves. By joining SEB you too will participate in changes that make our world worth living in. We believe that employee engagement and diversity is the key to a successful organization where the right skills and attitude are valued most. 


SEB bank Head Office
Konstitucijos ave. 24, 08105 Vilnius, Lithuania