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SEB Mylimiausia Mastercard

SEB Mylimiausia Mastercard


With SEB Mylimiausia Mastercard you can


Order a card

  • Benefit from the discounts and personal offers for Mylimiausia card partners 
  • Collect Mylimiausia euros by making purchases in partners’ stores
  • Make contactless payments in stores, apps or online
  • Order the card and receive it at your home address or any other address in Lithuania or abroad or via parcel machine
  • Change the card settings using the SEB mobile app or the Internet Bank
  • Make contactless payments by card up to 50 euros. When making the very first contactless payment by card, for security purposes you will be required to enter your card’s PIN code
  • Pay by card at regular retail stores and e-shops in Lithuania and abroad
  • Withdraw cash from the ATMs of SEB and from ATMs of other Lithuanian and foreign banks, and also withdraw cash at cash dispensing shops
  • Deposit cash to your bank account free of charge at the SEB deposit-enabled ATMs in Lithuania (charges apply above the limit)
  • Securely change your card’s PIN code with the one you prefer using ATMs of SEB 

Mylimiausia loyalty programme

From now on, keep earning and spending points with any partner. You can use your contactless payment and discount card SEB Mylimiausia Mastercard both as a regular debit card and as a discount card.

Just remember to take it out from your wallet whenever you want to pay for goods and services or to benefit from the discounts and offers from the programme’s partners.

Other debit cards

debit card

Debit Mastercard

  • Free of charge when using a plan, otherwise - 1 euro a month
  • Pay by card at regular retail stores and e-shops
  • Order the card and receive it by post or via parcel machine
  • Make contactless payments up to 150 euros


What to do if your payment card is lost or stolen?

  • Report this immediately by calling +370 5 268 2800 to block the card, or block the card yourself by using the mobile app
  • When you block your card, you can order a new payment card immediately
  • Within one week, we will produce and issue a new card and provide you a new PIN code. A defined fee is applied for new card issuance according to the price list

Frequently asked questions

In case your card is lost or stolen, we suggest blocking it immediately. You can block the card:

  • in the mobile app (“Cards” → “Card” → “Blocking”)
  • in the Internet Bank (“Cards” → “My cards” → “Block card”)
  • by calling SEB Bank at +370 5 268 2800 (24/7)

Yes. You can order a new card in the Internet Bank section "Cards" → "New card". Debit cards are sent by post. We can send the card to your residential address, office address or anywhere else in Lithuania or abroad, wherever you usually stay or prefer to receive the card at. Sending by ordinary mail in Lithuania is 2 euros, by registered mail – 4 euros. The fee for sending the card abroad is 10 euros. We can send the card to the selected parcel machine. A fee of EUR 2.8 is charged for sending a new or replaced card via parcel machine.

You can view your card’s PIN code in the Internet Bank section "Cards" → "My cards" → "View PIN code".

Yes. You can change the PIN code by using an ATM of SEB.

First you need to activate the card. You can do it either in mobile app or the Internet Bank:

  • in the mobile app (“Cards” → “Card”)
  • in the Internet Bank (“Cards” → “My cards” → “Activate card”)

Renewed cards can also be activated by using ATMs of SEB – insert the card, enter the PIN code and select "Card activation".

A daily limit for cash withdrawal at an ATM by a debit card is 2000 euros.
The total monthly limit for payments and cash withdrawal by a credit card is in the range of 5000 euros to 50 000 euros (the limit depends on the type of the credit card).

You can change cash withdrawal limits 
•    in the mobile app (“Cards” → “Settings and limits”)
•    in the Internet Bank (“Cards” → “My cards” → “Change details”)
•    by calling SEB Bank at +370 5 268 2800

First of all, we advise you to contact the retailer regarding information about reserved / debited money and try to settle an agreement on the refund. 
Otherwise, you should block the card and submit a request to us for refund.

You can block the card:

  • In the mobile app (select ‘Cards’ → ‘Card’ → ‘Blocking and closing’) 
  • In internet bank (select ‘Cards’ → ‘My cards’ → ‘Block card’)  
  • Via phone call at +370 5 268 2800 (24/7)

You can request refund via internet bank: Select Cards'  → 'Card statement'. Set the appropriate date, tick the box next to the appropriate card in the ‘Select cards’ and click on ‘Query’. Once the list opens, find the debited amount and select ‘Dispute transaction’.

Manage your card in the app

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App Store Link
Issuance and delivery
Card account currency EUR
Card usage fee1 EUR 1 per month
Card validity 4 years
Card issuance2 Free of charge
Urgent card issuance2, 3 EUR 30
Issuing new card if the old one is lost / stolen / damaged, if new PIN is issued or at cardholder's request before its expiry date (e. g., change of the cardholder’s name, surname, etc.) EUR 5
Sending a new / renewed / replaced card to customer by regular post in Lithuania EUR 2
Sending a new / renewed / replaced card to customer by registered post in Lithuania EUR 4
Sending a new / renewed / replaced card to customer by regular post to another country EUR 10
Sending a new / replaced card to the customer via parcel machine EUR 2.80
Collecting a new / renewed / replaced card at SEB bank unit EUR 5
Depositing of cash
Depositing of cash into your own bank account in euros using SEB bank cash-in ATMs in Lithuania Free of charge
Total monthly cash deposit limit for all customer accounts and linked cards EUR 10 000
Fee, if an individual limit in excess of the standard limit is approved 0.07% of an amount exceeding EUR 10 000 per month
Cash withdrawal
At cash dispensing shops when paying by card an amount not less than EUR 5 Free of charge from EUR 5 up to EUR 100
At ATMs of SEB Bank and other Lithuanian and foreign banks 0,8 % (minimum EUR 1)
At a cash desk of another Lithuanian or foreign bank 2 % (minimum EUR 5.79)
At partners4 points of sale 0,8 % (minimum EUR 1.50)
Monthly statements can be submitted:
at the online banking site Free of charge
at a SEB bank unit EUR 5
Other services
Account balance at SEB Lithuanian ATM5 Free of charge
Currency exchange fee in case of operation in other than the card account currency6 2.65 %
Obtaining a copy of the receipt in case of payment in Lithuania7 EUR 1.45

1 The charge is debited on the 28th day of each month. If the card agreement is terminated prior to maturity on the customer’s request, the bank shall be entitled to apply and debit the fee for the current month.

2 There is an additional charge for sending / collecting the card.

3 This fee is added to the card issuance fee.

4 Cash withdrawals from the terminals of “Perlas Finance”.

5 Checking the account balance in other ATMs of Lithuanian and foreign banks, if they have provided such technical functionality.

6 For payment card holder transactions (e.g. payment at a point of sale or online, cash withdrawal at an ATM) by Mastercard payment card, if the transaction currency is other than euro, the transaction amount is converted into euro according to the exchange rate set by Mastercard International and valid on the day of the data processing. The relevant exchange rate applied by the international payment organizations is increased by the bank’s set 2,65 % currency exchange fee.

7 This fee is applied only if the customer is willing to receive the documents confirming the payment transaction by card and if identified that they include the cardholder’s signature or other data specifying that the cardholder paid by card.




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